online bidding

OBS sales is pleased to offer Online Bidding to our customers.
In order to bid on line there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Register to bid – this link will take you to a registration page you will fill out to start the registration process. Please fill in all of the fields.  We also ask that you register 48 hours prior to the sale to ensure that we have enough time to get you registered.
  2. Once we receive your registration request, you will receive an email from OBS acknowledging your registration and supplying you with a user name. Please be sure to keep track of your user name and password.
  3. You also will be contacted by an OBS representative to complete the registration process.
    1. You will be asked to complete a Credit Request form
    2. You agree to the OBS online bidding Terms and Conditions
    3. Once this is complete you may be authorized to bid and receive a credit limit with OBS.
  4. Winner Notification — If you are the successful bidder online, you will receive an email from OBS acknowledging you have purchased the horse and prompting you to send OBS an email if any of the following applies:
    1. You are claiming exempt from sales tax because you are shipping your purchase directly out of state.
    2. You would like to order a blood test for Anabolic Steroids (cost $500)
    3. You would like to order a blood test for Bisphosphonates (cost $500)
    4. You would like to order a post purchase drug screen (do we even want to put this one in there since it isn’t on buyer’s acknowledgement?)