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OBS 2012 Stakes Winners
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Date     Horse Stake   Gr     Track Sale1   Sale2   Sale3  
1/1/2012 C C's Pal Ladies Handicap AQU OBSOct07
1/7/2012 Mr. Prankster Turfway Prevue Stakes TP OBSJun11
1/8/2012 Delightful Mary Ocala Stakes GP OBSApr10
1/14/2012 Lou's Angel Wishing Well Stakes TP OBSJun09
1/14/2012 Saratogs Boot Cotton Fitzsimmons Mile Handicap TUP OBSOct07
1/15/2012 Reneesgotzip Santa Ynez Stakes 2 SA OBSApr11
1/16/2012 King And Crusader Jimmy Winkfield Stakes AQU OBSApr11
1/21/2012 Taylors Irish Manatee Stakes TAM OBSApr08
2/4/2012 I'll Have Another Robert B. Lewis Stakes 2 SA OBSApr11
2/4/2012 Mr. Prankster Webn Stakes TP OBSJun11
2/4/2012 Musical Flair Needles Stakes GP OBSMar11
2/4/2012 Ultimate Eagle Strub Stakes 2 SA OBSApr10
2/11/2012 Pretension Sweet Envoy Stakes AQU OBSMar11
2/11/2012 Singlet Dearly Precious Stakes AQU OBSApr11
2/11/2012 Twelve Twenty Two El Dario Stakes SUN OBSOct05
2/12/2012 Sabrina's Dance Madcap Escapade Stakes GP OBSOct09
2/18/2012 Great Attack Turf Dash Stakes TAM OBSApr09 OBSOct08
2/20/2012 Secret Circle Southwest Stakes 3 OP OBSMar11
2/25/2012 Yara Davona Dale Stakes 2 GP OBSApr11 OBSAug10 OBSJan06
3/10/2012 Slamit Spring Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge Stakes HOU OBSApr11
3/10/2012 Trinniberg Swale Stakes 2 GP OBSApr11
3/12/2012 Andrew's Girl OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSMar11
3/12/2012 Crafty Unicorn OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSJun11 OBSApr11
3/12/2012 Devoted Wildcat OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSAug10
3/12/2012 Who Is Camille OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSMar11
3/13/2012 Fordangshore Bensalem Stakes PRX OBSMar09
3/17/2012 Musical Romance Inside Information Stakes 2 GP OBSApr09
3/17/2012 Secret Circle Rebel Stakes 2 OP OBSMar11
3/24/2012 City Sage Hot Springs Handicap OP OBSOct08
3/25/2012 Twelve Twenty Two Harry Henson Handicap SUN OBSOct05
4/7/2012 I'll Have Another Santa Anita Derby 1 SA OBSApr11
4/7/2012 Tarpy's Goal Ocala Breeders' Sophomore Stakes TAM OBSOct09
4/7/2012 Trinniberg Bay Shore Stakes 3 AQU OBSApr11
4/7/2012 Xunlei Stonehedge Farm South Sophomore Fillies Stakes TAM OBSAug10
4/13/2012 Plum Pretty Apple Blossom Handicap 1 OP OBSMar10
4/14/2012 Immortal Eyes Webb Snyder Stakes CT OBSFeb07 OBSAug06
4/14/2012 Master Rick Northern Spur Stakes OP OBSApr11 OBSAug10
4/20/2012 Tapajo Goldfinch Stakes PRM OBSJun11
4/21/2012 Alsvid Golden Circle Stakes PRM OBSApr11
4/21/2012 Imperial Czar Miami Mile Handicap CRC OBSOct08
4/28/2012 Hierro Derby Trial Stakes 3 CD OBSMar11
4/29/2012 Northern Passion Fury Stakes WO OBSMar11
5/2/2012 Cash For Clunkers Heatherten Stakes BEL OBSMar10
5/5/2012 Flightofalifetime Cool Frenchy Stakes HOL OBSJun10
5/5/2012 Great Attack Twin Spires Turf Sprint Stakes 3 CD OBSApr09 OBSOct08 OBSJan10
5/5/2012 I'll Have Another Kentucky Derby 1 CD OBSApr11
5/5/2012 Pretension Canonero Ii Stakes PIM OBSMar11
5/6/2012 I'll Stake You New York Stallion Times Square Stakes BEL OBSJun11
5/6/2012 Sunny Desert New York Stallion Park Avenue Stakes BEL OBSOct09
5/10/2012 Royal Currier Diablo Stakes BEL AdnApr10
5/12/2012 Currency Swap You And I Stakes BEL OBSMar11 OBSOct09
5/12/2012 Wild About Marie Unbridled Sidney Stakes CD OBSAug08
5/18/2012 Sensible Lady The Very One Stakes PIM OBSApr11
5/19/2012 I'll Have Another Preakness Stakes 1 PIM OBSApr11
5/26/2012 Empire Builder Mambo Meister Stakes CRC OBSApr11
5/26/2012 Hunter's Bay Eclipse Stakes 3 WO AdnMar09
5/26/2012 Shadowbdancing Jim Rasmussen Memorial Stakes PRM OBSFeb07
5/27/2012 Compliance Officer Kingston Stakes BEL OBSApr08
5/28/2012 Where's Sterling Memorial Day Handicap CRC OBSApr09
6/1/2012 Miss D'oro Wonders Delight Stakes PEN OBSMar11 OBSJan06
6/2/2012 Alsvid Prairie Mile Stakes PRM OBSApr11
6/2/2012 C C's Pal Vagrancy Handicap 2 BEL OBSOct07
6/2/2012 St. Louis City Meafara Stakes AP OBSAug10
6/2/2012 Tapajo Panthers Stakes PRM OBSJun11
6/3/2012 Nonios Affirmed Handicap 3 HOL OBSApr11
6/9/2012 Another Romance Leave Me Alone Stakes CRC OBSJun11 OBSAug10 OBSOct09
6/9/2012 Trinniberg Woody Stephens Stakes 2 BEL OBSApr11
6/16/2012 Amarish Willard L. Proctor Memorial Stakes HOL OBSMar12
6/16/2012 Miss Empire Cinderella Stakes HOL OBSMar12
6/16/2012 Turbo Compressor Colonail Turf Cup Stakes CNL OBSApr10
6/17/2012 Turbulent Descent Desert Stormer Handicap HOL OBSApr10
6/22/2012 Boat Trip Tsunami Slew Stakes HOL OBSMar11
6/23/2012 Sensible Lady Buckland Stakes CNL OBSApr11
6/23/2012 Where's Sterling Mecke Stakes CRC OBSApr09
6/30/2012 Camp Victory Triple Bend Handicap 1 HOL OBSMar09
6/30/2012 Empire Builder American Dreamer Stakes CRC OBSApr11
6/30/2012 Good Lord Wild And Wonderful Stakes CT OBSJun09
6/30/2012 Immortal Eyes Charles Town Dash Stakes CT OBSFeb07 OBSAug06
6/30/2012 Jeranimo Shoemaker Mile Stakes 1 HOL OBSAug07
7/1/2012 Hunter's Bay Dominion Day Stakes 3 WO AdnMar09
7/1/2012 John Johny Jak Robert K. Kerland Memorial Stakes HOL OBSApr09 OBSAug08 OBSAug10
7/4/2012 Karma Police Niagara Stakes FL OBSApr11 OBSJan08
7/7/2012 Another Romance Azalea Stakes 3 CRC OBSJun11 OBSAug10 OBSOct09
7/7/2012 Musical Romance Princess Rooney Handicap 1 CRC OBSApr09
7/7/2012 Tale Of A Champion Bob Umphrey Turf Sprint Stakes CRC OBSApr10
7/7/2012 Turbo Compressor United Nations Stakes 1 MTH OBSApr10
7/14/2012 Ancient Rome Oh Say Stakes DEL OBSApr11
7/14/2012 Executiveprivilege Landaluce Stakes HOL OBSApr12
7/14/2012 Patrioticandproud Toronto Cup Stakes WO OBSApr11
7/14/2012 Romacaca Modesty Handicap 3 AP OBSApr08 OBSAug07
7/14/2012 Up Jumps A Monster Ky Alta Stakes NP OBSMar11
7/15/2012 Morrow Cove Serena's Song Stakes MTH OBSJun11
7/21/2012 Good Lord Don Bernhardt Stakes ELP OBSJun09
7/21/2012 Inidan Gracey California State Fair Sprint H. SAC OBSApr10
7/27/2012 Sensible Lady Jenny Wiley Stakes PEN OBSApr11
7/28/2012 Candy Coded Kisses Desert Vixen Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSAug11
7/28/2012 Prize Doll Ms Brookski Stakes CRC OBSApr10
7/28/2012 Shadowbdancing Prairie Meadows Handicap PRM OBSFeb07
7/29/2012 Currency Swap Amsterdam Stakes 2 SAR OBSMar11 OBSOct09
7/29/2012 Gourmet Dinner Majestic Light Stakes MTH OBSApr10
7/29/2012 Royal Currier Teddy Drone Stakes MTH ADNApr10
8/3/2012 C C's Pal Honorable Miss Handicap 2 SAR OBSOct07
8/4/2012 Major Marvel West Virginia House Of Delegates Speaker's Cup S. MNR OBSMar08
8/4/2012 Brown Almighty Sunny's Halo Stakes LAD OBSApr12
8/4/2012 Alpha Bettor Seagram Cup Stakes 3 WO ADNApr10
8/6/2012 Heidi Maria Madamoiselle Handicap NP OBSFeb10
8/8/2012 Executiveprivilege Sorrento Stakes DMR OBSApr12
8/11/2012 Alsvid David M. Vance Sprint Stakes RP OBSApr11
8/12/2012 Spurious Precision Saratoga Special Stakes 2 SAR OBSApr12
8/11/2012 Sweet Redemption Ontario Debutante Stakes WO OBSApr12
8/13/2012 Sensible Lady Coronation Cup Stakes SAR OBSApr11
8/18/2012 Empire Builder Naked Greed Stakes CRC OBSAPR11
8/19/2012 Stephanie's Kitten Lake Placid Stakes 2 SAR OBSApr11
8/24/2012 Turbulent Descent Ballerina Stakes 1 SAR OBSApr10
8/25/2012 Heidi Maria City Of Edmonton Distaff H. NP OBSFEB10
8/25/2012 D'nied Permission Affirmed Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSAug11
8/25/2012 Putyourdreamsaway Susan's Girl Stakes (F.S.S) CRC OBSApr12
8/25/2012 Sr. Quisqueyano Seacliff Stakes CRC OBSJAN11
8/25/2012 Rose To Gold Lindsay Frolic Stakes CRC OBSAug11
8/25/2012 Itsmyluckyday Fasig Tipton Turf Dash Stakes CRC OBSMar12
9/1/2012 Executiveprivilege Del Mar Debutante Stakes 1 DMR OBSApr12
9/2/2012 Unbridled Command Saranac Stakes 3 SAR OBSApr11
9/5/2012 Rolling Fog Del Mar Futurity 1 DMR OBSApr12 OBSJAN11 OBSOct10
9/5/2012 Reneesgotzip C.E.R.F. Stakes DMR OBSApr11
9/5/2012 Comma To The Top Pirate's Bounty Stakes DMR OBSApr10 OBSOct08
9/5/2012 Dry Summer Oak Tree Juvenile Turf Stakes DMR OBSApr12
7/21/2012 Good Lord Kentucky Cup Turf Dash Stakes KD OBSJun09
9/8/2012 Sweet As You Are Mrs. Penny Stakes PRX OBSApr09
9/8/2012 Depeche Chat Franklin-Simpson Mile Stakes KD OBSJun10 OBSAug09
9/14/2012 Sunny Desert Judy Soda Stakes BEL OBSOct09
9/16/2012 Stealcase Ontario Derby 3 WO OBSMar11 OBSAug10
9/16/2012 Tree Of Life Barretts Juvenile Stakes FP OBSAug11
9/15/2012 Spring Venture Natalma Stakes 2 WO OBSJun12
9/15/2012 Itsmyluckyday Foolish Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSMar12
9/15/2012 Rose To Gold Brave Raj Stakes CRC OBSAug11
9/15/2012 Bares Tripper Barretts Debutante Stakes FP OBSApr12
9/15/2012 Mucho Mas Mucho Needles Stakes CRC OBSMar11
9/28/2012 Unbridled's Note Eddie D Stakes 3 SA OBSMar11
9/29/2012 Executiveprivilege Chandelier Stakes 1 SA OBSApr12
9/29/2012 Unhedged Presque Isle Debutante Stakes PID OBSOct10
9/29/2012 Flat Out Jockey Club Gold Cup Stakes 1 BEL OBSOct06
9/30/2012 Alsvid Remington Park Sprint Cup Stakes RP OBSApr11
10/3/2012 Belle Of The Hall Valor Lady Stakes BEL OBSFeb09 OBSOct07
10/5/2012 Spring in the Air Darley Alcibiades Stakes 1 KEE OBSMar12
10/6/2012 Hurricane Ike Michael G. Schaefer Memorial Stakes HOO OBSAug08
10/6/2012 Muscial Romance Mike Sherman Memorial Stakes CRC OBSApr09
10/6/2012 Dual Exhauzt Kenny Noe Jr. Handicap CRC OBSApr10 OBSOct09
10/6/2012 Merit Man Tim Conway Stakes SA OBSApr12 OBSOct10
10/6/2012 Ladystarturengine City of Anderson Stakes HOO OBSApr12
10/6/2012 Spring Venture Mazarine Stakes 3 WO OBSJun12
10/6/2012 Romacaca Indian Maid Stakes HAW OBSApr08 OBSAug07
10/8/2012 Peace Preserver Pebbles Stakes BEL OBSMar11
10/12/2012 Sneak a Cold Treat Best of Ohio Sprint Stakes TDN OBSJun07
10/13/2012 Speak Logistics Florida Stallion In Reality Stakes CRC OBSApr12
10/13/2012 Verso a Verso Florida Stallion My Dear Girl Stakes CRC OBSApr12 OBSAug11
10/13/2012 Silent Serenity Ruling Angel Stakes WO OBSApr11
10/14/2012 Next Question Nearctic Stakes 1 WO OBSApr11
10/20/2012 Unbridled Command Mohawk Stakes BEL OBSApr11
10/21/2012 Comma To The Top Big Bear Handicap SA OBSApr10 OBSOct08
10/27/2012 Tate's Landing Laurel Futurity LRL OBSApr12
10/27/2012 Miss Empire Pike Place Dancer Stakes GG OBSMar12
10/28/2012 Notacatbutallama Incurable Optimist Stakes BEL OBSApr12
11/2/2012 Hightail Breeders' Cup Juvenile Sprint SA OBSMar12
11/2/2012 Morrow Cove Raging Fever Stakes AQU OBSJun11
11/3/2012 Gabriel Charles Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint Preview Stakes SA OBSApr12
11/3/2012 Trinniberg Breeders' Cup Sprint 1 SA OBSApr11
11/3/2012 Good Lord Mountaineer Mile Stakes MNR OBSJun09
11/4/2012 Atlantic Hurricane Ontario Fashion Stakes 3 WO OBSApr09
11/10/2012 Outside Nashville Golden Nugget Stakes GG OBSMar12
11/11/2012 Leinan Glorious Song Stakes WO OBSMar12
11/13/2012 Captain Genius Sophomore Sprint Stakes MNR OBSOct09
11/14/2012 Sunny Desert New York Stallion Series Stakes AQU OBSOct09
11/15/2012 My Wandy's Girl Pentelis Stakes AQU OBSMar11
11/17/2012 Rose To Gold Delta Downs Princess Stakes 3 DED OBSAug11
11/17/2012 Greed and Fear Safely Kept Stakes LRL OBSMar11 OBSAug10
11/17/2012 Goldencents Delta Downs Jackpot Stakes 3 DED OBSJun12
11/22/2012 Really Mr Greely Hollywood Prevue Stakes 3 HOL OBSApr12 OBSAug11
11/23/2012 Notacatbutallama Super Mario Stakes AQU OBSApr12
11/24/2012 Travesura Miesque Stakes 3 HOL OBSApr12
11/24/2012 Unlimited Budget Demoiselle Stakes 2 AQU OBSMar12
11/25/2012 Unbridled Command Hollywood Derby 1 HOL OBSApr11
12/1/2012 Bernie The Maestro Claiming Crown Rapid Transit GP OBSApr09
12/1/2012 Brother Bird Claiming Crown Iron Horse Stakes GP OBSMar09
12/1/2012 Cor Cor Sandpiper Stakes TAM OBSJun12 OBSMar12
12/1/2012 Reneesgotzip Skillful Joy Stakes HOL OBSApr11
12/1/2012 Singlet Garland Of Roses Stakes AQU OBSApr11
12/1/2012 Starship Truffles Claiming Crown Glass Slipper Stakes GP OBSJun11 OBSApr11
12/8/2012 Brigand City Of Laurel Stakes LRL OBSMar11
12/8/2012 Hero Force Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile Stakes FG OBSApr12 OBSJan11
12/9/2012 Romacaca South Beach Stakes GP OBSApr08 OBSAug07
12/9/2012 Smooth Bert Damon Runyon Stakes AQU OBSApr12
12/15/2012 Hurricane Ike Tenacious Handicap FG OBSAug08
12/29/2012 Comma To The Top Daytona Stakes SA OBSApr10 OBSOct08
12/29/2012 Avare Eddie Logan Stakes SA OBSJun12
12/29/2012 Appealing Stella Minaret Stakes TAM OBSAug09
12/29/2012 Populist Politics B-Connected Stakes DED OBSApr10
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