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OBS 2011 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
4/23/2011 Adios Charlie Jerome Stakes 2 BEL OBSMar10
1/29/2011 Aegean Sunshine Millions Filly and Mare Sprint Stakes GP OBSAug08
8/1/2011 Ahvee's Destiny Smart and Fancy SAR OBSMar06
4/16/2011 Aikenite Commonwealth Stakes 2 KEE OBSFeb09 OBSAug08
5/7/2011 Aikenite Churchill Downs Stakes 2 CD OBSFeb09 OBSAug08
3/27/2011 All Due Respect Ocala Stakes GP OBSMar09 OBSAug08
10/7/2011 Alsvid Kip Deville Stakes RP OBSApr11
12/3/2011 Ancient Rome Spectacular Bid Stakes GP OBSApr11
12/10/2011 Angelofdistinction Inaugural Stakes TAM OBSAug10
11/24/2011 Arena Elvira Falls City Handicap 2 CD OBSMar09
11/4/2011 Arena Elvira Turnback The Alarm Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar09
8/5/2011 Arena Elvira Madame Jumel Stakes SAR OBSMar09
9/4/2011 Arena Elvira Sightseek Stakes SAR OBSMar09
7/31/2011 Ask the Moon Ruffian Invitational Handicap 1 SAR OBSMar07
9/3/2011 Ask the Moon Personal Ensign Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar07
10/30/2011 Atlantic Hurricane Ontario Fashion Stakes WO OBSApr09
11/20/2011 Atlantic Hurricane Bessarabian Stakes 3 WO OBSApr09
9/3/2011 Atlantic Hurricane Seaway Stakes 3 WO OBSApr09
10/30/2011 Awalkinthemoonlite Gold Digger Stakes HAW OBSAug10
8/6/2011 Backdoor Kenny Mountaineer Juvenile Stakes MNR OBSMar11
7/30/2011 Battle of Love Three Ring Stakes CRC OBSJun10
10/1/2011 Big Wedenesday Fitz Dixon, Jr. Memorial Juvenile Stakes PID OBSAug10
7/4/2011 Black Diamond Cat Bob Umphrey Turf Sprint Stakes CRC OBSAug08 OBSJan08
8/6/2011 Black Diamond Cat Major Moran Stakes CRC OBSAug08 OBSJan08
1/8/2011 Black Hills Winsham Lad Stakes SUN OBSAug05
4/17/2011 Black Hills Sunland Park Handicap SUN OBSAug05
5/6/2011 Blind Luck La Troienne Stakes 2 CD OBSApr09
6/18/2011 Blind Luck Vanity Handicap 1 HOL OBSApr09
7/16/2011 Blind Luck Delaware Handicap 2 DEL OBSApr09
1/22/2011 Bouquet Booth Silverbulletday Stakes FG OBSJun10
10/23/2011 C C's Pal Miss Golden Circle Stakes BEL OBSOct07
12/3/2011 C C's Pal Garland Of Roses Stakes AQU OBSOct07
5/15/2011 C C's Pal Monmouth Beach Stakes MTH OBSOct07
5/30/2011 Camp Victory Los Angeles Handicap 3 HOL OBSMar09
9/16/2011 Candrea Phil D. Shepherd Stakes FPX OBSMar11
6/29/2011 Category Seven Girls, Inc. of Shelbyville, Shelby County Stakes IND OBSApr07
8/6/2011 Chipshot Select Stakes MTH OBSAug09
2/12/2011 Coax Liberty Dearly Precious Stakes AQU OBSFeb10
10/22/2011 Compliance Officer Mohawk Stakes BEL OBSApr08
12/3/2011 Compliance Officer Claiming Crown Emerald Stakes FG OBSApr08
8/18/2011 Compliance Officer West Point Stakes SAR OBSApr08
9/11/2011 Compliance Officer Ashley T. Cole Stakes BEL OBSApr08
9/17/2011 Conway Two Step Brave Raj Stakes CRC OBSApr11 OBSOct09
5/7/2011 Crown of Thorns Marvyn Leroy Handicap 2 HOL OBSMar07
9/5/2011 Currency Swap Hopeful Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar11 OBSOct09
5/8/2011 Daring Reality Wanda Stakes BEL OBSApr10
1/14/2011 Decisive Moment Jean Lafitte Stakes DED OBSApr10
11/19/2011 Decisive Moment Delta Mile Stakes DED OBSApr10
7/30/2011 Decisive Moment El Kaiser Stakes CRC OBSApr10
10/29/2011 Deliburnsky Jersey Juvenile Stakes MTH OBSApr11
11/26/2011 Deliburnsky Dave's Friend Stakes LRL OBSApr11
3/14/2011 Delightful Mary OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSApr10
2/13/2011 Deputy Daney Always Run Lucky Stakes AQU OBSApr09
4/16/2011 Duke of Mischief Charles Town Classic Stakes 3 CT OBSOct06
10/1/2011 Exclusively Maria Cassidy Stakes CRC OBSAug10 OBSJan10 OBSOct09
10/1/2011 Flat Out Jockey Club Gold Cup Stakes 1 BEL OBSOct06
7/2/2011 Flat Out Suburban Handicap 2 BEL OBSOct06
11/12/2011 For Oby Jack Price Juvenile Stakes CRC OBSAug10
10/1/2011 Giant Ryan Vosburgh Stakes 1 BEL OBSJUN08 OBSMar08 OBSOct06
6/11/2011 Giant Ryan Ponche Handicap CRC OBSJun08 OBSMar08 OBSOct06
7/9/2011 Giant Ryan Smile Sprint Stakes 2 CRC OBSJun08 OBSMar08 OBSOct06
9/10/2011 Golden Mystery Mongo Queen Stakes MTH ADNMar08
2/27/2011 Golden Springs Island Fashion Stakes SUN OBSAug09
10/1/2011 Hello Prince Birdonthewire Stakes CRC OBSAug10
7/13/2011 Hoosier Kingdom A.J. Foyt Stakes IND OBSJun08
10/31/2011 Humble and Hungry Commonwealth Turf Stakes 3 CD OBSApr10
2/17/2011 Icabad Crane G'day Mate Stakes AQU OBSFeb07
7/25/2011 Icabad Crane Evan Shipman Stakes SAR OBSFeb07
2/5/2011 Ice Mist Jersey Lilly Stakes HOU OBSApr09
4/16/2011 Immortal Eyes Webb Snyder Stakes CT OBSFeb07 OBSAug06 OBSJan06
6/18/2011 Immortal Eyes Charles Twon Invitational Dash Handicap CT OBSFeb07 OBSAug06 OBSJan06
7/3/2011 Immortal Eyes Chesapeake Stakes CNL OBSFeb07 OBSAug06 OBSJan06
8/6/2011 Immortal Eyes West Virginia Legislature Chairman's Cup Handicap MNR OBSFeb07 OBSAug06 OBSJan06
7/2/2011 Imperial Czar American Dreamer Stakes CRC OBSOct08
8/13/2011 Indian Assault Lafayette Stakes EVD OBSApr11 OBSAug10 OBSJan10
1/17/2011 Indian Winter San Pedro Stakes SA OBSMar10
4/9/2011 It's Never Too Late Sunshine State Stakes GP OBSAug06
11/12/2011 Italo Arthur I. Appleton Juvenile Turf Stakes CRC OBSAug10
10/26/2011 Jeranimo Citation Handicap 2 HOL OBSAug07
10/8/2011 Jeranimo Oak Tree Mile Stakes 2 SA OBSAug07
11/5/2011 John Johny Jak Lure Stakes SA OBSApr09 OBSAug08
8/24/2011 John Johny Jak Harry F. Brubaker Stakes DMR OBSApr09
8/20/2011 Kalambaka Queen Sonoma Handicap NP OBSApr10
12/17/2011 King And Crusader Maryland Juvenile Championship LRL OBSApr11
10/15/2011 Luke Of York Keeneland 75th Anniversary Stakes KEE OBSJUN11
11/20/2011 Made To Love Her Moccasin Stakes HOL OBSMar11 OBSAug10
7/17/2011 Majestic City Hollywood Juvenile Championship Stakes 3 HOL OBSMar11
7/3/2011 Making Amends Clarendon Stakes WO OBSApr11 OBSAug10
11/5/2011 Managed Account Toccet Stakes AQU OBSApr11
2/6/2011 Master Dunker Hallandale Beach Stakes GP OBSApr10 OBSAug09
9/24/2011 Matthewsburg Kentucky Cup Sprint Stakes 3 TP ADNApr10
1/9/2011 May Day Rose Santa Ysabel Stakes 3 SA OBSJun10 OBSMar10
4/16/2011 May Day Rose Instant Racing Sakes OP OBSJun10 OBSMar10
5/21/2011 May Day Rose Railbird Stakes 3 HOL OBSJun10 OBSMar10
3/14/2011 Megalith OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr10
7/2/2011 Mel Beach Frank Gomez Memorial Stakes CRC OBSMar11 OBSAug10 OBSOct09
4/16/2011 Miss Blakely South Beach Stakes GP ADNMar08
4/16/2011 Miss Fleetfoot Primonetta Stakes PIM OBSAug06 OBSJan06
8/27/2011 Musical Flarir Fasig Tipton Turf Dash Stakes CRC OBSMar11
11/4/2011 Musical Romance Breeders' Cup Filly And Mare Sprint 1 CD OBSApr09
5/22/2011 Musical Romance Ema Bovary Stakes CRC OBSApr09
6/11/2011 Musical Romance U Can Do It Handicap CRC OBSApr09
8/6/2011 Musical Romance Barb's Dancer Stakes CRC OBSApr09
9/10/2011 Musical Romance Presque Isle Masters Stakes 2 PID OBSApr09
9/24/2011 My Due Process Monmouth Park NATC Futurity MTH OBSMar11
9/24/2011 My Due Process Monmouth Park Natc Futurity (Filly Division) MTH OBSMar11
6/4/2011 Noble's Promise Aristides Stakes 3 CD OBSAug08
9/17/2011 Northern Passion Natalma Stakes 3 WO OBSMar11
10/15/2011 Oligarch Tropical Park Derby CRC OBSMar10 OBSAug09
3/14/2011 One Star OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr10
9/15/2011 Pleasant Prince Pot O'luck Stakes BEL OBSAug08
10/1/2011 Plum Pretty Cotillion Stakes 2 PRX OBSMar10
3/27/2011 Plum Pretty Sunland Park Oaks SUN OBSMar10
5/6/2011 Plum Pretty Kentucky Oaks 1 CD OBSMar10
1/30/2011 Pomeroys Pistol Forward Gal Stakes 2 GP OBSAug09
12/10/2011 Pomeroys Pistol Sugar Swirl Stakes 3 GP OBSAug09
6/11/2011 Pomeroys Pistol Just Smashing Stakes MTH OBSAug09
9/24/2011 Pomeroys Pistol Gallant Bloom Handicap 2 BEL OBSAug09
11/24/2011 Populist Politics Mr. Sulu Stakes FG OBSApr10
7/2/2011 Populist Politics Louisiana Showcase Mile Stakes EVD OBSApr10
4/9/2011 Portside Star Shoot Stakes WO OBSMar10 OBSOct08
1/15/2011 Positive Response California Derby GG OBSJun10
3/5/2011 Positive Response John Battaglia Memorial Stakes TP OBSJun10
9/28/2011 Pretty Boy Freud Corma Ray Stakes BEL OBSApr08
7/27/2011 Queen Strreet Beach Deputy Minister Stakes WO OBSAug09
1/13/2011 R Betty Graybull Leecoo Stakes AQU OBSMar08
3/26/2011 R Betty Graybull Ladies Handicap AQU OBSMar08
12/3/2011 Rattlin Gypsy Claiming Crown Glass Slipper FG OBSAug09
12/3/2011 Rattlin Gypsy Claiming Crown Glass Slipper Stakes FG OBSApr09
3/14/2011 Reprized Halo OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSApr10
9/10/2011 Rocket Twentyone Arlington-Washington Lassie S. 3 AP OBSMar11
9/10/2011 Rocket Twentyone Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes 3 AP OBSMar11
4/24/2011 Romacaca Capital Request Florida Thoroughbred Stakes GP OBSApr08 OBSAug07
5/21/2011 Romacaca Sara's Success Stakes CRC OBSApr08 OBSAug07
7/3/2011 Romacaca Miss LIberty Stakes MTH OBSApr08 OBSAug07
7/31/2011 Romacaca Matchmaker Stakes MTH OBSApr08 OBSAug07
Dec-11 Royal Currier Valley Forge Stakes PRX ADNApr10
6/19/2011 Royal Currier Anderson Fowler Stakes MTH ADNApr10
9/24/2011 Royal Currier Gallant Bob Stakes PRX ADNApr10
12/11/2011 Sam Sparkle Hunch Stakes AQU OBSApr10 OBSAug09
10/10/2011 Secret Circle Jack Goodman Stakes SA OBSMar11
11/4/2011 Secret Circle Breeders' Cup Juvenile Sprint Stakes CD OBSMar11
11/4/2011 Secret Circle Breeders' Cup Juvenile Sprint CD OBSMar11
3/5/2011 Sensational Slam Fred "Cappy" Caposella Stakes AQU OBSMar10
11/5/2011 Shadowbdancing Mountaineer Mile Stakes MNR OBSFeb07
10/2/2011 Shkspeare Shaliyah Pilgrim Stakes 3 BEL OBSJUN11
10/15/2011 Sneak A Cold Treat Best Of Ohio Sprint Stakes TDN OBSJUN07
8/20/2011 Sneak a Cold Treat Honey Jay Stakes TDN OBSJun07
4/9/2011 Sneaking Uponyou Hilton Garden Inn Sprint Stakes TAM OBSApr08
7/16/2011 Socialsaul New York Derby FL OBSAug09
5/23/2011 St Liams Halo John Longden 6000 STakes HST OBSApr09
7/1/2011 St Liams Halo Lieutenant Governopr's Handicap HST OBSApr09
10/7/2011 Stephanie's Kitten Darley Alcibiades Stakes 1 KEE OBSApr11
11/4/2011 Stephanie's Kitten Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf 2 CD OBSApr11
9/18/2011 Stormy Dixie Politely Stakes MTH OBSMar08
11/24/2011 Sunrise Smarty Fall Highweight Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar09
12/2/2011 Swag Daddy Damon Runton Stakes AQU OBSMar11
12/31/2011 Swag Daddy Restrainor Stakes AQU OBSMar11
12/4/2011 Swag Daddy Damon Runyon Stakes AQU OBSMar11
8/21/2011 Tanda Rancho Bernardo Handicap 3 DMR OBSApr09
9/10/2011 Tannersville Our Dear Peggy Stakes CRC OBSApr09
5/14/2011 This Ones For Phil Decathlon Stakes MTH OBSOct06
4/13/2011 Tidal Pool Red Bud Stakes OP OBSFeb09
7/13/2011 Trac N Jam Indiana Downs Distaff Handicap IND OBSApr10
8/6/2011 Trix in the City De La Rose Stakes SAR OBSApr08
11/12/2011 Turbo Compressor Carl G. Rose Classic Handicap CRC OBSApr10
7/29/2011 Turbo Compressor Curlin Stakes SAR OBSApr10
3/5/2011 Turbulent Descent Santa Anita Oaks 1 SA OBSApr10
4/17/2011 Turbulent Descent Beaumont Stakes 2 KEE OBSApr10
8/6/2011 Turbulent Descent Test Stakes 1 SAR OBSApr10
12/23/2011 Twelve Twenty Two Bold Ego Handicap SUN OBSOct05
3/27/2011 Twelve Twenty Two Harry Henson Stakes SUN OBSOct05
10/15/2011 Ultimate Eagle Oak Tree Derby 2 SA OBSApr10
11/27/2011 Ultimate Eagle Hollywood Derby 1 HOL OBSApr10
10/2/2011 Vexor Nashua Stakes 2 BEL OBSAug10 OBSOct09
10/2/2011 Weemissfrankie Oak Leaf Stakes 1 SA OBSApr11 OBSAug10
9/3/2011 Weemissfrankie Del Mar Debutante Stakes 1 DMR OBSApr11 OBSAug10
1/1/2011 Western Prospector Holiday Cheer Stakes TP OBSApr08
8/20/2011 Where's Sterling Philip H. Iselin Stakes 3 MTH OBSApr09
1/22/2011 Wild About Marie Dr. A.B. Leggio Memorial Stakes FG OBSAug08
10/14/2011 Wild About Marie Buffalo Trace Franklin County Stakes KEE OBSAug08
3/19/2011 Wild About Marie Bienville Stakes FG OBSAug08
4/23/2011 Wildcat Marie Whimsical Stakes 3 WO OBSApr09 OBSAug08
1/8/2011 Wildrally Dixie Poker Ace Stakes FG OBSApr06
6/18/2011 Wink at the Girls Wild and Wonderful Stakes CT OBSApr07 OBSAug06
11/12/2011 Yara Joe O'farrell Juvenile Fillies Stakes CRC OBSApr11 OBSAug10 OBSJan10
12/4/2011 Zero Rate Policy Sunshine State Stakes GP OBSMar10 OBSAug09 OBSOct08
6/11/2011 Zero Rate Policy Rumson Stakes MTH OBSMar10 OBSAug09 OBSOct08