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OBS 2010 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
1/30/10 Acting Zippy John B. Connally Turf Handicap 3 HOU OBSMar07    
11/6/10 Aegean Dream Supreme Stakes CD OBSAug08    
6/8/10 Ahvee's Destiny Satin and Lace Stakes PID OBSMar06    
1/9/10 Age of Humor Busanda Stakes AQU OBSFeb09    
9/12/10 Bear's Future Swynford Stakes WO OBSApr10    
6/12/10 Belle of the Hall Jostle Stakes PHA OBSFeb09 OBSOct07  
10/27/10 Belle of the Hall Catinca Stakes PHA OBSFeb09 OBSOct07  
8/7/10 Black Belt Robert G. Levitt Stakes CT OBSApr09    
1/9/10 Black Hills Winsham Lad Stakes SUN OBSAug05    
7/3/10 Bernie Blue Dale Baird Memorial Stakes MNR OBSApr04    
5/8/10 Bernie the Maestro Ride the Rails Stakes CRC OBSApr09    
7/25/10 Bernie the Maestro American Dreamer Stakes CRC OBSApr09    
6/19/10 Black Belt Coin Collector Stakes CT OBSApr09    
8/21/10 Black Belt Frank Gall Memorial Stakes CT OBSApr09    
2/13/10 Blind Luck Las Virgenes Stakes 1 SA OBSApr09    
4/2/10 Blind Luck Fantasy Stakes 2 OP OBSApr09    
4/30/10 Blind Luck Kentucky Oaks 1 CD OBSApr09    
7/10/10 Blind Luck Delaware Oaks 2 DEL OBSApr09    
8/21/10 Blind Luck Alabama Stakes 1 SAR OBSApr09    
11/20/10 Bouquet Booth Delta Downs Princess Stakes 3 DED OBSJun10    
1/2/10 Category Seven Furl Sail Handicap FG OBSApr07    
7/3/10 Category Seven Top Corsage Stakes LAD OBSApr07    
8/28/10 Category Seven Shishkabob Stakes LAD OBSApr07    
7/31/10 Christmas Ship Luther Burbank Handicap SRP OBSFeb07    
12/28/10 City Cool Riley Allison Futurity   SUN OBSApr10    
6/12/10 Coffee Boy Unbridled Stakes CRC OBSApr09    
7/10/10 Coffee Boy Carry Back Stakes 2 CRC OBSApr09    
11/6/10 Comma to the Top Real Quiet Stakes HOL OBSApr10 OBSOct08  
11/27/10 Comma to the Top Generous Stakes 3 HOL OBSApr10 OBSOct08  
12/18/10 Comma to the Top CashCall Futurity 1 HOL OBSApr10 OBSOct08  
3/27/10 Correct Call Royal North Stakes BEU OBSFeb09    
5/15/10 Correct Call Tomboy Stakes RD OBSFeb09    
9/6/10 Dade Babe Pucker Up Stakes 3 AP OBSApr09 OBSAug08  
2/15/10 Dances With Ashley OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSFeb09 OBSOct07  
4/3/10 Dances With Ashley Stonehedge Farm South Sophmore Fillies Stakes TAM OBSFeb09 OBSOct07  
7/11/10 Dawnie Macho Landaluce Stakes HOL OBSApr10 OBSAug09  
2/13/10 Decelerator Martha Washington Stakes OP OBSFeb09    
4/10/10 Decelerator Instant Racing Stakes OP OBSFeb09    
4/24/10 Deposit Only Cherokee Frolic Stales GP OBSAug08    
1/18/10 Deputy Daney Jimmy Wakefield Stakes AQU OBSApr09    
1/10/10 Diva Delite Gasparilla Stakes TAM OBSApr09 OBSAug08  
2/13/10 Diva Delite Suncoast Stakes TAM OBSApr09 OBSAug08  
3/13/10 Diva Delite Florida Oaks 3 TAM OBSApr09 OBSAug08  
2/20/10 Dixie Commander Turf Paradise Derby TAM OBSFeb09    
8/27/10 Driven by Success Vic Ziegel Memorial Stakes SAR OBSApr07    
11/13/10 Driven by Success NY Stallion Stakes (Thunder Rumble Division) AQU OBSApr07    
4/8/10 Dr. Zic Vinery Madison Stakes 1 KEE OBSJun08    
1/10/10 Duke of Mischief Ft. Lauderdale Stakes GP OBSOct06    
4/3/10 Duke of Mischief Oaklawn Handicap OP OBSOct06    
8/21/10 Duke of Mischief Philip H. Iselin Stakes 3 MTH OBSOct06    
4/3/10 Eightyfiveinafifty Bay Shore Stakes 3 AQU OBSMar09    
7/5/10 El Kingdom Donthelumbertrader Stakes CRC OBSMar09    
9/25/10 El Kingdom Needles Stakes CRC OBSMar09    
8/5/10 Endless Circle John Morrissey Stakes SAR OBSApr06    
10/6/10 Endless Circle Easy n' Dirty Stakes


11/25/10 Endless Circle Fall Highweight Handicap 3


7/4/10 Facil Cantata Frontier Trophy Buckles Allowance Stakes SRP OBSApr09    
12/26/10 Facil Cantata Bold Ego Handicap SUN OBSApr09    
9/4/10 Fiscal Policy Bassindt Stakse RD OBSApr10 OBSAug09 OBSOct08
6/20/10 Flamin' Hot Anderson Fowler Stakes MTH OBSApr09    
101/6/10 Flying Trip Cassidy Stakes CRC OBSAug09    
9/8/10 Fund Raiser

C.E.R.F. Stakes

DMR OBSAug07    
2/15/10 Gator Prowl Marshua Stakes LRL OBSOct07    
2/15/10 Gary D OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSMar09    
8/7/10 Gourmet Dinner Dr. Fager Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr10    
8/28/10 Gourmet Dinner Affirmed Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr10    
11/20/10 Gourmet Dinner Delta Downs Jackpot Stakes 3 DED OBSApr10    
9/25/10 Grand Rapport Kent Stakes 3 CRC OBSMar09    
6/27/10 Greeley's Rocket Crank It Up Stakes MTH OBSMar09    
1/9/10 Hatfield Gulfstream Park Turf Sprint Stakes GP OBSApr08    
1/1/10 Hear No Angel Cocodrie Stakes DED OBSAug07    
1/30/10 Hold That Prospect Correction Stakes AQU OBSApr07    
2/25/10 Hold That Prospect Mommy Dear Stakes AQU OBSApr07    
4/24/10 Hurricane Ike Derby Trial Stakes 3 CD OBSAug08    
3/20/10 Icabad Crane Kings Point Handicap AQU OBSFeb07    
12/31/10 Icabad Crane Alex M. Robb Stakes AQU OBSFeb07    
6/19/10 Immortal Eyes Charles Town Invitational Handicap CT OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
1/1/10 Intimissimi Gardenia Stakes DED OBSOct05    
7/21/10 Jacally Passing Mood Stakes WO OBSMar09    
8/21/10 Jacally Eternal Search Stakes WO OBSMar09    
2/13/10 Jeranimo Strub Stakes 2 SA OBSAug07    
12/27/10 Jeranimo San Gabriel Stakes 2 SA OBSAug07    
8/22/10 Kimmyv Emerald Distaff Handicap EMD OBSJun08    
7/3/10 Kantharos Bashford Manor Stakes 3 CD OBSMar10    
8/16/10 Kantharos Saratoga Special Stakes 2 SAr OBSMar10    
6/4/10 Krypton Hill Prince Stakes 3 BEL OBSMar09    
7/17/10 La Concerto Arctic Queen Stakes FL OBSFeb08    
1/30/10 Lady Alexander Manatee Stakes TAM OBSAug07    
6/5/10 Lady Alexander Red Cross Stakes MTH OBSAug07    
8/1/10 Lady Alexander Regret Stakes MTH OBSAug07    
6/19/10 Lady Rizzi Buckland Stakes CNL OBSJun05    
7/25/10 La Rocca Ontario Matron Stakes WO OBSMar08    
4/10/10 Line of David Arkansas Derby 1 OP OBSMar09    
6/25/10 Majesticperfection Iowa Sprint Handicap PRM OBSApr08    
8/8/10 Majesticperfection Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap 1 SAR OBSApr08    
12/31/10 Max Me Out Woodchopper Stakes   FG OBSAug08    
11/6/10 May Day Rose Sharp Cat Stakes HOL OBSJun10 OBSMar10  
5/19/10 Meadow Saffron Casino Stakes IND OBSApr07    
8/20/10 Meriwether Jessica Yaddo Stakes SAR OBSFeb07    
5/22/10 Mindy Queen Prairie Rose Stakse PRM OBSAug07 OBSJan07  
9/25/10 Miss Blakely H.B.P.A. Stakes PID ADNMar09    
4/4/10 Mona de Momma Las Flores Handicap 3 SA OBSMar08    
5/1/10 Mona de Momma Humana Distaff Handicap 1 CD OBSMar08    
9/6/10 Moon de French Adoration Stakes DMR OBSmar07    
5/1/10 Motovato Sumter Stakes CRC OBSMar07    
6/6/10 Musical Romance Sweettrickydancer Stakes CRC OBSApr09    
6/18/10 Music City Morluc Stakes CD OBSJun08 OBSApr08  
11/28/10 Neversaidiwassweet Miesque Stakes 3 HOL OBSApr10    

Noble's Promise

Jimmy V. Dont Give Up Don't Ever Give Up! Stakes CD OBSAug08    
3/13/10 Odysseus Tampa Bay Derby 3 TAM OBSApr08    
3/27/10 Orchestrator Bourbonette Oaks


TP OBSFeb09    
10/13/10 Pashito the Che Hard Spun Stakes PHA OBSOct06    
3/13/10 Phola Hillsborough Stakes 3 TAM OBSMar08    
5/1/10 Phola Chruchill Distaff Turf Mile Stakes 2 CD OBSMar08    
7/31/10 Pleaant Prince Ohio Derby 3 TDN OBSAug08    
10/10/10 Pleaant Prince Oklahoma Derby RP OBSAug08    
12/31/10 Populist Politics Louisiana Futurity   FG OBSApr10    
12/11/10 Positive Response Gold Rush Stakes   GG OBSJun10    
1/4/10 Poovey Sleigh Ride Stakes PHA OBSAug06    
10/31/10 Promise Me a Cat Sweet Patootie Stakes BEL OBSFeb10 OBSAug09  
10/24/10 Pulgarcito Governor's Cup Stakes ZIA OBSJune10 OBSApr10 OBSAug09
2/15/10 Quiet All American OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSFeb09    
9/29/10 R Betty Graybull Anniron Stakes BEL OBSMar08    
2/14/10 Red Lead Curribot Stakes SUN OBSJan07    
4/18/10 Red Lead Sundland Park Handicap SUN OBSJan07    
5/29/10 Red Lead Jim Rasmussen Memorial Stakes PRM OBSJan07    
10/16/10 Reprized Halo In Reality Stakes CRC OBSApr10    
2/15/10 Rereadthefootnotes Hollie Hughes Stakes AQU OBSMar08 OBSOct06  
9/25/10 Ribo Bobo Foolish Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSJan10    
1/9/10 Richiegirlgonewild Old Hat Stakes 3 GP OBSMar09 OBSAug08  
7/5/10 Rightly So Bed O'Roses Handicap 3 BEL OBSFeb08    
8/28/10 Rightly So Ballerina Stakes 1 SAR OBSFeb08    
10/3/10 Rigoletta Oak Leaf Stakes 1 HOL OBSApr10    
7/3/10 Romacaca Firecracker Stakes MNR OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
10/31/10 Royal Currier Grey Planet Stakes BEL ADNApr10    
11/13/10 Salsa Bullet John Franks Juvenile Fillies Turf Stakes CRC OBSAug09    


Saratoga Boot

Emerald Downs Derby EMD OBSOct07    
7/3/10 Sensational Slam Clarendon Stakes WO OBSMar10    
7/31/10 Sensational Slam Vandal Stakes WO OBSMar10    
4/3/10 Shadowbdancing Cryptoclearance Stakes HAW OBSFeb07    
4/24/10 Shadowbdancing Bosselman/Gus Fonner Stakes FON OBSFeb07    
6/26/10 Shadowbdancing Prairie Meadows Cornhusker Handicap 3 PRM OBSFeb07    
8/21/10 Shadowbdancing Governor's Cup RP OBSFeb07    
8/1/10 Shakenwithanolive Madamoiselle Handicap NP OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
8/21/10 Silent Candy Hatoof Stakes 3 AP OBSAug08    
4/10/10 Silver Timber Shakertown Stakes 3 KEE OBSApr05    
4/30/10 Silver Timber Churchill Downs Turf Sprint Stakes 3 CD OBSApr05    
10/9/10 Silver Timber Woodford Stakes 3 KEE OBSApr05    
11/20/10 Simply Spiteful Foil Stakes AQU OBSApr09    
8/21/10 Sincero

The Vid Stakes

CRC OBSAug07    
7/17/10 Sir Whimsey R.R.M. Carpenter Jr. Memorial Stakes DEL OBSMar06    
11/14/10 Sister Dawn Playa Del Rey Stakes HOL OBSMar09    
7/17/10 Skipshot Swaps Stakes 2 HOL OBSMar09    
8/20/10 Sneak a Cold Treat Honey Jay Stakes TDN OBSJun07    
1/9/10 Sneaking Uponyou Pelican Stakes TAM OBSApr08    
3/13/10 Sneaking Uponyou Turf Dash Stakes TAM OBSApr08    
3/28/10 Speak Easy Gal Orchid Stakes 3 GP OBSAug07    
2/15/10 Splendid Sound OBS Championship Stakes OTC


4/10/10 Stately Victor Blue Grass Stakes 1 KEE ADNMar09    
9/25/10 Stately Victor Ontario Derby WO ADNMar09    
2/27/10 Storming Saint Borderland Derby SUN OBSApr09 OBSAug08  
11/7/10 Strike Oil Coronation Futurity WO OBSMar10    
7/17/10 Sweet August Moon A Gleam Handicap 2 HOL OBSMar07    
8/22/10 Sweet August Moon Rancho Bernardo Handicap
3 DMR OBSMar07    
3/28/10 Tanda Santa Paula Stakes 3 SA OBSApr09    
5/9/10 Tanda Railbird Stakes 3 HOL OBSApr09    
1016/10 Tannersville Calder Derby CRC OBSApr09    
9/6/10 Tanzana Budweiser Select Cradle Stakes RD OBSApr10    
9/4/10 Tell a Kelly Darley Debutante Stakes 1 DMR OBSMar10    
4/3/10 Thank U Philippe Ocala Breeders' Sales Sophmore Stakes TAM OBSMar09 OBSAug08  
1/30/10 This Ones For Phil Sunshine Millions Sprint Stakes GP OBSOct06    
8/28/10 Too Experience Seacliff Stakes CRC OBSApr10 OBSAug09  
9/4/10 Tropic Storm Windy Sands Handicap AP OBSMar06    
11/21/10 Turbulent Descent Moccasin Stakes HOL OBSApr10    
12/11/10 Turbulent Descent Hollywood Starlet Stakes 1 HOL OBSApr10    
9/6/10 Unbridled Praise Sorority Stakes MTH OBSMar10    
1/16/10 Uptowncharliebrown Pasco Stakes TAM OBSApr09    
1/23/10 Wall Street Wonder Paumonok Stakes AQU OBSAug07    
3/6/10 Wall Street Wonder Toboggan Stakes 3 AQU OBSAug07    
11/20/10 Well Positioned Frisk Me Now Stakes MTH ADNMar08    
9/12/10 What About Ruby Hillsdale Stakes HOO OBSApr10    
8/6/10 Wickedly Perfect Sorrento Stakes 3 DMR OBSApr10    
10/8/10 Wickedly Perfect Darley Alcibiades Stakes 1 KEE OBSApr10    
12/18/10 Wildcat Heiress Esplanade Stakes   FG OBSMar09    
8/25/10 Yawkey Way Ann Clare Stakes SAR OBSFeb10    
10/23/10 You Go West Girl Ticonderoga Stakes BEL OBSApr06