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OBS 2009 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale    
5/2/09 Accredit Churchill Downs Stakes 3 CD OBSOct05    
4/25/09 Acting Zippy Vincent A. Moscarelli Memorial Stakes DEL OBSMar07    
5/9/09 Acting Zippy Decathlon Stakes MTH OBSMar07    
5/30/09 Acting Zippy Changing Times Stakes PEN OBSMar07    
7/18/09 Acting Zippy R.R.M. Carpenter Jr. Memorial Handicap DEL OBSMar07    
4/18/09 Advice Lexington Stakes 2 KEE OBSFeb08    
8/9/09 Ahvee's Destiny Finney Stakes SAR OBSMar06    
2/28/09 Alina Goddess Stakes DED OBSApr07    
4/30/09 Aegean Kentucky Juvenile Stakes 3 CD OBSAug08    
9/13/09 Ashley's Kitty Bangles and Beads Stakes FPX OBSMar06    
6/20/09 Ask the Moon Lighthouse Stakes MTH OBSMar08    
5/7/09 Atoned Nasty and Bold Stakes BEL OBSFeb07 OBSJan06  
1/2/09 Awesome I Am Restored Hope Stakes AQU OBSApr07    
2/4/09 Awesome I Am Get Lucky Stakes AQU OBSApr07    
4/25/09 Awesome Rhythm Wando Stakes WO OBSApr07    
5/16/09 Awesome Rhythm Marine Stakes WO OBSApr07    
6/7/09 Awesome Rhythm Victoria Park Stakes WO OBSApr07    
1/1/09 Backbackbackgone Golden Bear Stakes GG OBSMar08    
10/11/09 Bear Tough Guy Grey Stakes 3 WO OBSApr09    
12/5/09 Bear's Hard Ten Display Stakes   WO OBSApr09    
4/4/09 Bee Cee Cee Florida Cup Sophomore Stakes

TAM OBSFeb08 OBSOct06  
3/28/09 Big City Man Dubai Golden Shaheen 1 NAD OBSAug06 OBSJan06  
9/6/09 Big Push Gilded Time Stakes MTH OBSApr08    
12/3/09 Big Push Chan Balum Stakes AQU OBSApr08    
6/28/09 Black Hills San Juan County Commissioners Handicap SRP OBSAug05    
12/6/09 Black Hills Zia Park Distance Championship Handicap ZIA OBSAug05    
10/4/09 Blind Luck Oak Leaf Stakes 1 SA OBSApr09    
12/20/09 Blind Luck Hollywood Stasrlet Stakes 1 HOL OBSApr09    
9/26/09 Blue Sky Holiday Delta Colleen Handicap HST OBSAug06    
4/25/09 Bow Tie Pasta Pretty Jenny Stakes HAW OBSAug07    
Bow Tie Pasta Purple Violet Stakes AP OBSAug07    
2/16/09 Cape Royale OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSAug07    
11/14/09 Carphonic Joe O'Farrell Juvenile Fillies Stakes CRC OBSMar09    
7/25/09 Category Seven Matron Handicap EVD OBSApr07    
10/17/09 Chary Calder Oaks   CRC OBSFeb08    
6/13/09 Chirac Skip Away Stakes MTH OBSAug06    
8/22/09 Chirac Philip H. Iselin Stakes 3 MTH OBSAug06    
7/12/09 Christmas Ship Alameda County Fillies and Mares Handicap PLN OBSFeb07    
9/26/09 Cinnamon Road Needles Stakse CRC OBSApr08    
10/10/09 Citrus Kid Dover Stakes   DEL OBSMar09    
4/10/09 Code of Honour Inaugural Stakes EVD OBSMar08 OBSOct06  
10/17/09 Criolla Bonita Cassidy Stakes   CRC OBSApr09 OBSOct07  
12/26/09 Criolla Bonita Sandpiper Stakes   TAM OBSApr09 OBSOct07  
10/4/09 Dad's Crazy Miss Grillo Stakes BEL OBSFeb09    
4/11/09 Dance Caller Northern Spur Stakes OP OBSApr08    
6/27/09 Decelerator Debutante Stakes 3 CD OBSFeb09    
5/2/09 Dinner in Odem Chris Thomas Turf Classic Stakes TAM OBSApr06    

Dream Rush Minaret Stakes TAM OBSFeb06    
10/24/09 Driven by Success Hudson stakes   BEL OBSApr07    
6/26/09 Duke of Mischief Iowa Derby PRM OBSOct06    
2/14/09 El Gato Malo McCann's Mohave Stakes GG OBSMar07    
7/25/09 Exotic Bloom Windward Stakes PID OBSJun06    
12/5/09 Exotic Bloom My Charmer Stakes TP OBSJun06    
7/19/09 Fatal Bullet Bold Venture Stakes WO ADNMar07    
10/9/09 Fatal Bullet Phoenix Stakes 3 WO ADNMar07    
6/14/09 Fearless Leader Blue Sprakler Stakes MTH OBSJun06 OBSJan05  
2/16/09 Fitz Just Right OBS Championship stakes OTC OBSFeb08 OBSJan07  
1/19/09 Flat Out Smarty Jones Stakes OP OBSOct06    
8/2/09 Fleet Valid Teddy Drone Stakes MTH OBSAug04    
9/7/09 Fleet Valid Icecapade Stakes MTH OBSAug04    
8/15/09 Forestry Steel Sunny's Halo Stakes LAD OBSApr09    
4/11/09 Forever Together Jenny Wiley Stakes 2 KEE OBSMar06    
8/1/09 Forever Together Diana Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar06    
1/30/09 Frolic's Dream Forward Gal Stakes GP OBSJun08    
1/18/09 Game Face First Lady Handicap 3 GP OBSMar07    
7/11/09 Game Face Princess Rooney Handicap 1 CRC OBSMar07    
3/15/09 Game Face Inside Information Stakes 2 GP OBSMar07    
8/9/09 Game Face Honorable Miss Stakes 2 SAR OBSMar07    
8/15/09 Ginger Brew Belle Mahone Stakes WO ADNMar07    
10/31/09 Glitter City Witches Brew Stakes   BEL OBSFeb07 OBSJan07  
1/10/09 Good and Lucky Louisiana Handicap FG OBSApr05    
9/19/09 Good and Lucky Formal Gold Stakes MTH OBSApr05    
12/20/09 Good and Lucky Tenacious Handicap FG OBSApr05    
1/24/09 Hello Again Dixie Belle Stakes OP OBSAug07    
5/1/09 Hesa Big Star Tony Gatto Dream Big Stakes ATL OBSOct02    
8/8/09 Hidden Expression Colleen Stakes MTH OBSMar09    
1/24/09 High Resolve Sunshine Millions Filly & Mare Sprint GP OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
10/10/09 Homeboykris Champagne Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar09    
6/13/09 Hoosier Kingdom Snakc Stakes IND OBSJun08    
7/14/09 Hoosier Kingdom Governor's Stakes IND OBSJun08    
10/3/09 Hoosier Kingdom Hoosier Breeders Sophmore Stakes HOO OBSJun08    
2/7/09 Hypocrite Super Stakes TAM OBSAug06 OBSOct05  
3/7/09 Hypocrite Sunshine State Stakes GP OBSAug06 OBSOct05  
1/1/09 In Summation El Conejo Handicap 3 SA OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
7/12/09 In Summation John McSorley Stakes MTH OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
10/3/09 Interpatation Joe Hirsch Turf Classic Invitational Stakes 1 BEL OBSAug03    
6/17/09 Jealous Again Queen Mary Stakes 2 ASCOT OBSAug08    
3/21/09 Just For Keeps Queens Stakes TP OBSApr06    
7/18/09 Just Rushing Ontario Jockey Club Stakes WO ADNMar03 OBSAug02  
9/19/09 Karama Prairie Meadows Derby PRM OBSOct06    
3/29/09 Kelly Leak Sunland Derby SUN OBSMar08 OBSAug07  
4/4/09 Kodiak Kowboy Carter Handicap 1 AQU OBSMar07    
6/27/09 Kodiak Kowboy Donald Levine Memorial Handicap PHA OBSMar07    
10/3/09 Kodiak Kowboy Vosburgh Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar07    
11/28/09 Kodiak Kowboy Cigar Mile Handicap 1 AQU OBSMar07    
8/1/09 Lady Alexander Mongo Queen Stakes MTH OBSAug07    
11/20/09 Lady Alexander Honey Bee Handicap MED OBSAug07    
8/23/09 La Rocca Sonoma Handicap NP OBSMar08    
9/26/09 La Rocca British Columbia Oaks HST OBSMar08    
1/24/09 Leah's Secret Sunshine Millions Distaff Stakes SA OBSAug04    
9/20/09 Legally Blanca Chaldea Stakes BEL OBSMar08    
3/7/09 Let It Rock Razorvback Handicap 3 OP OBSApr07    
3/14/09 Macho Again New Orleans Handicap 2 FG OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
6/13/09 Macho Again Stephen Foster Handicap 1 CD OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
9/27/09 Make Note Bertram F. Bongard Stakes BEL OBSFeb09    
11/15/09 Make Note NY Stallion Stakes (Great White Way Div) AQU OBSFeb09    
6/27/09 Many Kisses Lulu's Ransom Stakes CRC OBSAug07    
6/24/09 Meadow Saffron Casino Stakes IND OBSApr07    
6/28/09 Midst My Dear Stakes WO OBSOct07    
8/3/09 Mindy Queen Assinboia Stakes ASD OBSAug07 OBSJan07  
12/5/09 Miss McCall City of Phoenix Handicap   TUP OBSJun06    
7/4/09 Monterey Jazz American Handicap 2 HOL OBSApr06    
4/25/09 Motovato Sumter Stakes CRC OBSMar07    
6/27/09 Motovato Primal Stakes CRC OBSMar07    
12/26/09 Motovato Kenny Noe Jr. Handicap 3 CRC OBSMar07    
5/2/09 My Princess Jess Nassau County Stakes 3 BEL ADNMar07    
10/9/09 Negligee Alcibiades Stakes 1 KEE OBSFeb09    
3/21/09 Noble Court Joe Hernandez Stakes SA OBSMar06    
6/6/09 Noble Court Ack Ack Handicap 3 HOL OBSMar06    
10/10/09 Noble's Promise Dixiana Breeders' Futurity 3 KEE OBSAug08    
1/18/09 Oilgonewile Sweetest Chant Stakes GP OBSMar08    
6/14/09 Olredlgetcha Victoria Stakes WO OBSAug08    
9/27/09 Pashito the Che Commemorate Stakes BEL OBSOct06    
10/10/09 Pashito the Che Gallant Bob Handicap PHA OBSOct06    
11/14/09 Pashito the Che Jack Dudley Sprint Handicap CRC OBSOct06    
8/1/09 Piratesonthelake West Virgina Legislature Chairman's Stakes MNR OBSApr06    
2/16/09 Pray For Action OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSOct06    
9/26/0-9 Proud Zoe Mountmout Park NATC Futurity (fillies) MTH OBSFeb09 OBSAug08  
2/7/09 Rapper S S Budweiser Handicap SUN OBSApr07    
7/5/09 Rate of Exchange Connie Ann Stakes CRC OBSMar07 OBSAug06  
2/16/09 R Brown Sugar OBSSprint Stakes OTC OBSAug07    
5/25/09 Redefined Dedicated Rullah Stakes BEL OBSApr03    
10/3/09 Red Rally Louisiana Stallion Stakes LAD OBSFeb09    
12/12/09 Red Rally Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile Stakes FG OBSFeb09    
12/31/09 Red Rally Louisiana Futurity FG OBSFeb09    
10/24/09 Rightly So Iroquois Stakes   BEL OBSFeb08    
11/19/09 Rightly So Love is Eternal Stakes   AQU OBSFeb08    
7/11/09 Romacaca Diamond Ring Stakes AP OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
8/8/09 Romacaca Hatoof Stakes AP OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
12/28/09 Romantic Hideaway Brandywine Stakes   PHA OBSMar09 OBSAug08  
6/12/09 Seven Seventythree Salute Stakes EVD OBSApr08    
7/4/09 Seven Seventythree Frank A. (Buddy) Abadie Memorial Stakes EVD OBSApr08    
12/19/09 Seven Seventythree Louisiana Champions Day Ladies Sprint Stakes FG OBSApr08    
4/11/09 Shadowbdancing Bonasera Stakes HAW OBSFeb07    
5/23/09 Shadowbdancing Jim Rasmussen Memorial Stakes PRM OBSFeb07    
8/1/09 Shadowbdancing West Virginia Governor's Stakes MNR OBSFeb07    
8/8/09 She Be Wild Top Flight Stakes AP OBSApr09    
9/5/09 She Be Wild Arlington-Washington Lassie Stakes 3 AP OBSApr09    
11/6/09 She Be Wild Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies 1 SA OBSApr09    
7/18/09 Silver Timber Jaipur Stakes 3 BEL OBSApr05    

Silver Timber Woodford Stakes 3 KEE OBSApr05    
10/3/09 Sneak a Cold Treat Best of Ohio Endurance Stales TDN OBSJun07    
1/10/09 Song of Navarone Windsham Lad Handicap SUN OBSApr06    
2/15/09 Song of Navarone Curribot Handicap SUN OBSApr06    
8/1/09 Soul Warrior West Virginia Derby 2 MNR OBSMar08    
1/17/09 Southern Yankee Genesis Stakes DED OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
4/11/09 Southern Yankee Hallowed Dreams Stakes EVD OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
2/7/09 Stardom Bound Las Virgenes Stakes 1 SA OBSMar08    
3/7/09 Stardom Bound Santa Anita Oaks 1 Sa OBSMar08    
6/20/09 Stylish Citizen Charley Barley Stakes WO OBSFeb08    
1/17/09 Suave Jazz Fire Plug Sakes LRL OBSApr05    
1/24/09 Success Success Forego Stakes TP OBSOct03    
3/7/09 Sweet August Moon Honest Lady Stakes SA OBSMar07    
4/5/09 Sweet August Moon Las Flores Handicap 3 SA OBSMar07    
5/13/09 Taletobetold Shelby County Stakes IND OBSFeb06    
12/12/09 Taletobetold Lightning City Stakes TAM OBSFeb06    
1/17/09 The Pamplemousse San Rafael Stakes 3 SA OBSMar08    
2/28/09 The Pamplemousse Sham Stakes 3 SA OBSMar08    
9/6/09 Third Dawn Torrey Pines Stakes DMR OBSAug07    
1/24/09 This Ones For Phil Sunshine Millions Dash Stakes GP OBSOct06    
3/28/09 This Ones For Phil Swale Stakes 2 GP OBSOct06    
10/17/09 Thoroughly Holy P.G. Johnson Stakes   MED ADNMar08    
4/18/09 Trust or Bust Webb Snyder Stakes CT OBSJan06    
5/2/09 Trust or Bust Panhandle Stakes MNR OBSJan06    
6/20/09 Trust or Bust Charles Town Invitational Dash Handicap CT OBSJan06    
8/8/09 Trying Brian Jon Bullit Stakes CBY OBSApr06    
8/15/09 Uno Mas Super Derby Prelude Stakes LAD OBSMar08    
1/2/09 Victorina Paseana Stakes GG OBSApr05    
2/7/09 Victorina Campanile Handicap GG OBSApr05    
10/16/09 Victorina Harvest Stakes FNO OBSApr05    
5/2/09 Voy Por Uno Mas Richard Radke Illinois Owners Stakes AP OBSApr06    
5/10/09 What R The Odds Emerald Downs Stakes HST OBSJan07    
11/28/09 Who's Up Generous Stakes 3 HOL OBSMar09    
1/24/09 Wild Promises Sunshine Millions Filly & Mare Turf GP OBSAug05    
8/19/09 Worstcasescenario Adirondack Stakes 2 SAR OBSApr09    
7/11/09 Yankee Injunuity Arlington Sprint Handicap AP OBSAug05    
9/20/09 You Go West Girl John Hettinger Stakes BEL OBSApr06    
10/25/09 You Go West Girl Ticonderoga Stakes BEL OBSApr06    
6/13/09 You Luckie Mann Unbridled Stakes CRC OBSMar08 OBSAug07 OBSOct06