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OBS 2007 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
4/29/07 Accountforthegold King's Point Handicap   AQU OBSMar04    
6/24/07 Accountforthegold Gander Stakes   BEL OBSMar04    
10/27/07 Actin Good Pegasus Stakes 3 MTH OBSFeb06 OBSJan05  
8/4/07 Adore You Claiminng Crown Glass Slipper Stakes   ELP OBSFeb04    
9/22/07 Afrashad James B.Moseley Sprint Handicap   SUF OBSApr04    
8/11/07 Alpine Garden Sonoma Handicap   NP OBSApr06 OBSAug05  
9/1/07 Alpine Garden Hong Kong Jockey Club Handicap   HST OBSApr06 OBSAug05  
9/22/07 Alpine Garden British Columbia Breeders' Cup Oaks 3 HST OBSApr06 OBSAug05  
6/24/07 Another Kris Forrest White Stakes   STK OBSMar06    
8/4/07 A Sea Trippi Barb's Dancer Stakes   CRC OBSApr05    
9/1/07 Asi Asi Lindsay Frolic Stakes   CRC OBSMar07    
12/22/07 Ask the Moon Maryland Juvenile Filly Championship   LRL OBSMar07    
8/18/07 Atoned Continental Mile Stakes   MTH OBSFeb07 OBSJan06  
1/4/07 A True Pussycat Get Lucky Stakes   AQU OBSMar05    
1/31/07 A True Pussycat Lady on the Run Stakes   AQU OBSMar05    
7/21/07 Awesome Action Ontario Jockey Club Stakes   WO ADNMar02    
10/28/07 Awesome Action Labeeb Stakes   WO ADNMar02    
3/24/07 Awesome Hero Hansel Stakes   TP ADNmar06    


Awesomewithbroads Honey Mark Stakes   HAW OBSFeb03    
12/1/07 Barbazilla Eavesdrop Stakes   PHA OBSMar07    
2/10/07 Bare Dancer Wide Country Stakes   LRL OBSMar06    
1/6/07 Baroness Thatcher Santa Ysabel Stakes 3 SA OBSJan05    
3/31/07 Beta Capo Sportsman's Paradise Stakes   DED ADNMar06    
4/28/07 Beta Capo Grand Prairie Turf Challenge Stakes   LS ADNMar06    
12/1/07 Beta Capo Governor's Cup Stakes   RP ADNMar06    


Better Than Bonds Quick Card Stakes   DEL OBSApr04    
6/30/07 Big Apple Daddy Say Florida Sandy Stakes   BEL OBSMar04    
7/7/07 Big City Man Criterium Stakes   CRC OBSAug06 OBSJan06  
8/11/07 Big City Man Dr. Fager Stakes (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSAug06 OBSJan06  
7/7/07 Black Seventeen Carry Back Stakes 2 CRC OBSFeb06 OBSAug05  
3/10/07 Bluesbdancing Regal Rumor Stakes   AP OBSMar04    
5/19/07 Bluesbdancing Fit for a Queen Stakes   AP OBSMar04    
1/7/07 Buffalo Man Spectacular Bid Stakes   GP ADNMar06    
2/12/07 Buffalo Man OBS Championship Stakes   OTC ADNMar06    
12/2/07 Bushwacker Vernon O. Underwood Stakes 3 HOL OBSAug03    
6/2/07 Buzzards Bay Californian Stakes 2 HOL OBSJune04 OBSApr04 OBSAug03
10/13/07 Calico Bay My Dear Girl Stakes (F.,S.S.)   CRC OBSApr07 OBSOct05  
1/28/07 Carminooch Proud Appeal Stakes   AQU OBSAug03    
8/27/07 Cherokee Jewel Classy Mirage Stakes   SAR OBSApr05    
5/20/07 Coach Jimi Lee Waterford Park Handicap   MNR OBSApr02 OBSAug01  
7/14/07 Cool Paradaigm Niagara Stakes   FL OBSaprr06    
7/7/07 Dance Away Capote Duda Stakes   BEL OBSMar04    
9/15/07 Dance Away Capote Noble Damsel Stakes 3 BEL OBSMar04    
5/20/07 Dantrelle Light Lulu's Ransom Stakes   CRC OBSApr06    
5/19/07 Diabolical Maryland Breeders' Cup Sprint Handicap 3 PIM OBSFeb05    
7/28/07 Diabolical Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap 2 SAR OBSFeb05    
2/12/07 Dinner Break OBS Championship Stakes   OTC OBSFeb06    
12/14/07 Dinner Break Flat Fleet Feet Stakes   AQU OBSFeb06    
11/24/07 Discreet Commander Display Stakes   WO OBSApr07    


D J Lightning Prom Stakes   MED OBSApr07    


Dominican Rushaway Stakes   TP OBSMar06    



Blue Grass Stakes

1 KEE OBSMar06    
9/5/07 Double Action Pirate's Bounty Handicap   DMR OBSApr06    
2/10/07 Dream Rush Old Hat Stakes 3 GP OBSFeb06    
5/5/07 Dream Rush Nassau County Breeders' Cup Stakes 2 BEL OBSFeb06    
7/7/07 Dream Rush Prioress Stakes 1 BEL OBSFeb06    
8/4/07 Dream Rush Test Stakes 1 SAR OBSFeb06    
11/10/07 Dynhocracy Arthur I. Sppleton Juvenile Turf Stakes   CRC OBSJun07    
4/7/07 Ermine Apple Blossom Handicap 1 OP OBSMar05 OBSAug04 OBSOct03
6/9/07 Executive Choice Steady Growth Stakes   WO OBSAug02    
12/8/07 Executive Choice Sir Barton Stakes   WO OBSAug02    
9/13/07 Excellerant Safely Kept Stakes   AP OBSApr05 OBSAug04 OBSJan04
8/27/07 Expect the End Jena Jena Stakes   SAR OBSAug06    
9/23/07 Expect the End Joseph A. Gimma Stakes   BEL OBSAug06    
10/20/07 Expect the End Maid of the Mist Stakes   BEL OBSAug06    
1/7/07 E Z Warrior San Miguel Stakes   SA OBSAug05    
2/12/07 Far West Florida Thoroughbred Charities Stakes   OTC OBSAug04    
5/19/07 Flashy Bull William Donald Schaefer Handicap 3 PIM OBSFeb05    
6/16/07 Flashy Bull Stephen Foster Handicap 1 CD OBSFeb05    
2/12/07 Forever Together OBS Sprint Stakes   OTC OBSMar06    
3/10/07 Forever Together Forward Gal Stakes 2 GP OBSMar06    
11/17/07 Foxy Danseur Sharp Cat Stakes   HOL OBSMar07    
1/20/07 Friendly Island Palos Verdes Handicap 2 SA OBSMar03    
11/10/07 Ghostly Thunder Tri-State Futurity   CT OBSApr07    
12/1/07 Ghostly Thunder West Virginia Futurity   CT OBSApr07    
7/8/07 Ginger Punch First Flight Handicap 2 BEL ADNMar05    
7/28/07 Ginger Punch Go for Wand Handicap 1 SAR ADNMar05    
9/8/07 Ginger Punch Ruffian Handicap 1 BEL ADNMar05    
10/27/07 Ginger Punch Breeders' Cup Distaff 1 MTH ADNMar05    
8/4/07 Gold Like U Arctic Queen Handicap   FL OBSOct01    
2/24/07 Hello Lucky Las Flores Handicap 3 SA OBSApr04 OBSJan03  
7/7/07 Hesa Big Star Mo Bay Stakes   DEL OBSOct02    
11/10/07 He's Eze Jack Price Juvenile Stakes   CRC OBSMar07    
11/3/07 He's Hammered Buck's Boy Handicap   HAW OBSAug01    
11/10/07 HIgh Resolve Joe O'Farrell Juvenile Fillies Stakes   CRC OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
12/29/07 HIgh Resolve Arizona Juvenile Fillies Stakes   TUP OBSApr07 OBSAug06  

Hoosick Falls

Susan B. Anthony Stakes   FL OBSMar04    

Hoosick Falls

Proud Puppy Handicap   FL OBSMar04    
4/7/07 Icy Atlantic Arcadia Handicap 2 SA OBSMar03    
9/1/07 Icy Atlantic Red Bank Stakes 3 MTH OBSMar03    
12/1/07 Indy's Alexandra Three Ring Stakes   CRC OBSJune07    
6/23/07 In Summation Sneakbox Stakes   MTH OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
7/29/07 In Summation Bing Crosby Handicap 1 DMR OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
8/25/07 In Summation Arlington Sprint Handicap 1 AP OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
9/15/07 Interpatation Larry R. Rivello President's Cup   PHA OBSAug03    
12/22/07 Into Mischief CashCall Futurity 1 HOL OBSMar07    
5/26/07 Into Reality Dipsea Trail Stakes   GG OBSMar06 OBSAug05 OBSOct04

Irish Dreamer

Dixieland Stakes   OP OBSOct05    
9/2/07 Irish Smoke Spinaway Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar07    
2/12/07 Jodi's Star OBS Sprint Stakes   OTC OBSFeb06    
1/13/07 Judith's Wild Rush Native Dancer Stakes   LRL OBSAug02    
6/17/07 Kodiak Kowboy Victoria Stakes   WO OBSAug06    
7/7/07 Kodiak Kowboy Bashford Manor sSakes   WO OBSAug06    
9/22/07 Lakes Tune Phoenix Stakes   MED OBSApr04 OBSAug03  


Latin Rhythms El Cajon Stakes (2nd div)   DMR OBSOct04    
6/23/07 Lauras Last Music Aspen Cup Handicap   RUI OBSApr06    
8/12/07 Lauras Last Music La Fiesta Handicap   ALB OBSApr06    
9/14/07 Lauras Last Music Fair Queen Handicap   ALB OBSApr06    
11/17/07 La Wildcat Miss Power Puff Stakes   HAW OBSFeb07    
7/1/07 Lear's Princess Tweedside Stakes   BEL OBSMar06    
9/15/07 Lear's Princess Gazelle Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar06    
6/23/07 Lemonlime Northbound Pride Stakes   CBY OBSMar05    
3/9/07 Magna Graduate Razorback Breeders' Cup Handicap 3 OP OBSFeb04    
4/7/07 Magna Graduate Excelsior Breeders' Cup Handicap 3 AQU OBSFeb04    
2/11/07 Magnolia Jackson Correction Handicap   AQU OBSAug03    
5/20/07 May Day Vow Mac's Sparkler Stakes   BEL OBSOct05    
4/7/07 Malibu Moonshine Pleasant Colony Stakes   AQU OBSFeb04 OBSAug03  
9/1/07 Midnight Lute Forego Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar05    
10/27/07 Midnight Lute Breeders' Cup Sprint 1 MTH OBSMar05    
9/3/07 Mikimoto's Mojo Lafayette Stakes   EVD OBSApr07 OBSOct05  
3/31/07 Miss Macy Sue Carousel Stakes   OP OBSJun05    
5/28/07 Miss Macy Sue Winning Colors Stakes 3 CD OBSJun05    
6/29/07 Miss Macy Sue Saylorville Stakes   PRM OBSJun05    
9/15/07 Miss Macy Sue Presque Isle Downs Masters Stakes   PID OBSJun05    
9/16/07 Miss Tizzy Dream Supreme Stakes   BEL ADNMar06    
12/26/07 Monterey Jazz Sir Beaufort Stakes 3 SA OBSApr07    
2/19/07 My Creed President's Day Handicap   BM OBSApr03    
6/2/07 My Creed Berkeley Stakes 3 GG OBSApr03    
8/11/07 Naughty New Yorker Saratoga Sunrise Stakes   SAR OBSMar04    
9/7/07 Naughty New Yorker General Douglas MacArthur Stakes   BEL OBSMar04    
12/30/07 Naughty New Yorker Alex M. Robb Handicap   AQU OBSMar04    
7/29/07 New York City Girl Colleen Stakes   MTH OBSMar07    
2/11/07 Noble Court San Vicente Stakes 2 SA OBSMar06    
7/21/07 Off Duty Don Bernhardt Stakes   ELP OBSan04    
9/15/07 Off Duty Marfa Stakes   TP OBSJan04    
10/6/07 Off Duty Phoenix Stakes 3 KEE OBSJan04    
8/18/07 Officer Cherrie Ontario Debutante Stakes   WO OBSApr07    
9/29/07 Officer Cherrie Mazarine Breeders' Cup Handicap 3 WO OBSApr07    
10/19/07 Outcashem HBPA City of Charles Town Handicap   CT OBSFeb03    
6/9/07 Papi Chullo Birdstone Stakes   BEL OBSMar04 OBSAug03  
7/8/07 Park Avenue Prince W. Meredith Bailes Memorial Stakes   CNL OBSApr05    
9/29/07 Phantom Income NATC Futurity   MED OBSMar07 OBSAug06  
5/4/07 Pirate Saint Shecky Greene Stakes   AP OBSApr06 OBSAug05  
8/25/07 Piratesonthelake Arlington Sprint Handicap   AP OBSApr06    
9/29/07 Piratesonthelake Kentucky Cup Sprint Stakes 3 TP OBSApr06    
7/26/07 Precise Lady Dancin Renee Stakes   SAR OBSMar05    
9/29/07 Premium Wine Gallant Bob Handicap   PHA OBSMar06    
12/8/07 Pretoria Light Sunny Issues Stakes   CRC OBSApr06    
1/28/07 Ramazutti MacDiarmida Handicap 2 GP OBSMar04    
12/30/07 Rapper S S Riley Allison Futurity   SUN OBSApr07    


Red Zipper Kingston Handicap   BEL OBSApr05    
11/11/07 Red Zipper NY Stallion S\takes   AQU OBSApr05    
9/15/07 Rgirldoesn'tbluff U Can Do It Handicap   CRC OBSApr05    
10/21/07 Rgirldoesn'tbluff Sugar N Spice Stakes   CRC OBSApr05    
12/2/07 Robbie's Gal GTBOA Debutante Stakes   CRC OBSJun07 OBSAug06 OBSOct05
4/14/07 Round Trip Flight Bay Meadows Breeders' Cup Oaks   BM OBSJun06    
5/3/07 Sandys Gold Tony Gatto Dream Big Stakes   ATL OBSJan03    
7/22/07 Sandys Gold Punch Line Stakes   CNL OBSJan03    
8/25/07 Scooter Girl Regal Gal Stakes   CRC OBSAug05    
6/16/07 Sea the Joy Crank it Up Stakes   MTH OBSAug05    

Send Me An Angel

Incredible Reovenge Stase   MTH OBSMar05 OBSAug04 OBSJan04
9/3/07 Set Play Del Mar Debutante Stakes   DMR OBSMar07 OBSAug06  
12/2/07 Sherine East View Stakes   AQU OBSFeb07    
6/16/07 Shesgoldincolor No Winking Stakes   CRC OBSMar05    
8/11/07 Silk Ridge

Desert VixenStakes (F.S.S.)

  CRC OBSAug06    
9/1/07 Silk Ridge

Susan's Girl Stakes (F.S.S.)

  CRC OBSAug06    
9/22/07 Silk Ridge

Brave Raj Stakes

  CRC OBSAug06    
2/19/07 Silver Wagon

General George Breeders' Cup Handicap

2 LRL OBSFeb03 OBSAug02  
4/7/07 Silver Wagon

Carter Handicap

1 AQU OBSFeb03 OBSAug02  
6/2/07 Sindy With an S Manhattan Beach Stakes   HOL OBSApr06    
11/7/07 Sleeping Indian Volponi Stakes   AQU OBSApr06    
10/6/07 Sindy With an S Safely Kept Breeders' Cup Stakes 3 LRL OBSApr06    
1/12/07 Smash 'em Sammy

Fabersham Stakes

  AQU OBSApr06    
10/21/07 Smoke'n Coal Grand Slam Stakes   BEL OBSFeb07    
5/19/07 Snow Way Country Road Stakes   CT OBSApr06    
9/8/07 Solo Survivor Arlington Matron Handicap 3 AP OBSAug03    
3/18/07 Song of Navarone Winstar Derby   SUN OBSApr06    
1/27/07 Storm in May Sunshine Millions Dash Stakes   GP OBSApr06    
1/20/07 Suaveness Gasparilla Stakes   TAM OBSApr06 OBSAug05  
2/17/07 Swap Fliparoo Sabin Handicap 3 GP OBSMar05    
9/2/07 Sweet Exchange Ravolia Stakes   CRC OBSJun06 OBSJan05  
5/12/07 Taletobetold Open MInd Stakes   CD OBSFeb06    
11/11/07 Tamberino NY Stallion Stakes   AQU OBSMar05    
8/8/07 Tasha's Miracle Sorrento Stakes 3 DMR OBSAug06    
6/16/07 Tens Holy Spirit Minnesota H.B.P.A. Mile Stakes   CBY OBSAug03    
9/23/07 The Niagara Queen Flaming Page Stakes   WO ADNMar05    
5/27/07 Thoroughly Willard L. Proctor Memorial Stakes  


5/19/07 Ticket to Seattle Peach Blossom Stakes   DEL OBSApr06    
4/29/07 Trickey Trevor Oakland Stakes   GG OBSMar01    
7/7/07 Trickey Trevor Sam J. Whiting Memorial Stakes   PLN OBSMar01    
3/3/07 True Tails Spring Fever Stakes   OP OBSAug03    
9/1/07 Ultimate Authority Fasig-Tipton Turf Dash Stakes   CRC OBSAug06    
1/1/07 Vicarino Stinson Beach Stakes   GG OBSMar06 OBSAug05  
2/10/07 Victorino

Princess of Palms Handicap

  TUP OBSApr05    
7/14/07 Victorino Vacaville Hamdicap   SOL OBSApr05    
9/9/07 Voy Por Uno Mas Honor Grades Stakes   AP OBSApr06    
3/4/07 Wait a While Honey Fox Handicap 3 GP OBSFeb05    
8/23/07 Wait a While Ballston Spa Handicap 2 SAR OBSFeb05    
9/8/07 We're in the Money Cinderella Stakes   CT OBSApr07    
9/29/07 We're in the Money Golden Gull Stakes   CT OBSApr07    
10/20/07 We're in the Money W. Va. Triple Crown Nutrition Br. Classic   CT OBSApr07    
8/5/07 Whatever Whenever Cavonnier Juvenile Stakes   SR OBSMar07 OBSAug06  
9/1/07 Wicked Style Arlington-Washington Futurity 3 AP OBSApr07 OBSAug06 OBSJan06
10/6/07 Wicked Style Breeders' Futurity 1 KEE OBSApr07 OBSAug06 OBSJan06
10/11/07 Wind in My Wings Jessamine Stakes   KEE ADNMar07    
9/1/07 Wise Answer Affirmed Stakes (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSAug06    
9/22/07 Wise Answer Foolish Pleasure Stakes   CRC OBSAug06    
10/13/07 Wise Answer In Reality Stakes (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSAug06    
11/10/07 Wise Cookie John Franks Juvenile Fillies Turf Stakes   CRC OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
4/7/07 Wiskey Lit Florida Cup Sophomore Stakes   TAM OBSAug05    
2/19/07 Wollaston Bay Fred "Cappy" Capossela Stakes   AQU OBSAug05    
4/21/07 Xchanger

Federico Tesio Stakes

  PIM OBSAuf05 OBSOct04  
7/15/07 Xchanger Barbaro Stakes 3 DEL OBSAuf05 OBSOct04  
10/26/07 Yes It's a Cat Pinjara Stakes   SA OBSApr07    
7/7/07 Yonagucci J J's Dream Stakes   CRC OBSAug06    
9/22/07 Zee Zee Happy Ticket Stakes   LAD OBSApr07