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OBS 2005 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
10/29/05 Abbondanza Dave's Friend Handicap   LRL OBSFeb03
7/17/2005 Ablo Prince Of Wales Stakes WO OBSJan03
2/19/2005 Acey Deucey Dearly Precious Stakes AQU OBSApr04 OBSAug03
4/16/2005 Acey Deucey Comely Stakes 2 AQU OBSApr04 OBSAug03
7/9/2005 Acey Deucey Proiress Stakes 1 AQU OBSApr04 OBSAug03
7/16/2005 Accountforthegold New York Derby FL OBSMar04
6/11/2005 Accurate Rudy Baez Breeders' Cup S. SUF OBSApr04
9/24/05 Aclassysassylassy Judy's Red Shoes Handicap CRC OBSApr04
3/13/2005 Added Edge Razorback Br. Cup H. 3 OP OBSApr02
8/7/2005 Alexandersrun Seattle Slew Br. Cup H. EMD OBSFeb04
9/5/05 Alexandersrun Emerald Downs Br. Cup Derby EMD OBSFeb04
1/15/2005 Ambition Unbridled Dr. A.B. Leggio Mem. H. FG OBSFeb03
2/26/2005 Ambition Unbridled Citgo Stakes HOU OBSFeb03
11/12/05 American Miss Elmer Heubeck Distaff H. CRC OBSApr03
5/21/2005 Annika Lass Sweet And Sassy Handicap DEL OBSAug02
9/5/05 Annika Lass Steve Van Buren Handicap PHA OBSAug02
7/24/2005 Awesome Action Ontario Jockey Club Stakes WO ADNMar02
3/21/2005 Babaganush Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr04
6/10/2005 Beacon Shine Flash Stakes 3 BEL OBSFeb05
7/29/2005 Bear Character Edmonton Juvenile Stakes NP OBSMar05
9/25/05 Bear Character Swynford Stakes WO OBSMar05
9/18/05 Bear's Kid Summer Stakes 2 WO ADNMar05
4/9/2005 Bellamy Road Wood Memorial Stakes 1 AQU OBSApr04
9/2/05 Bettarunfast Catcharisingstar Stakes CRC OBSApr05 OBSAug04
9/24/05 Blazing Rate Foolish Pleasure Br. Cup S. CRC OBSFeb05 OBSAug04
10/15/05 Blazing Rate In Relity S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSFeb05 OBSAug04
8/13/2005 Bluesbdancing Smart Deb Stakes AP OBSMar04
4/2/2005 Blue Song Harry W. Hanson Handicap SUN OBSOct01
5/1/2005 Blue Song Chamisa Handicap ALB OBSOct01
11/25/2005 Blue Song Chaves County Stakes ZIA OBSOct01
3/21/2005 Bog Hunter Fl. Thoroughbred Charities S . OTC OBSAug00 OBSOct99
6/4/2005 Bold Decision Say Florida Sandy Stakes BEL OBSFeb04
6/12/2005 Brooke's Halo Hollywood Br. Cup Oaks 2 HOL OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
9/23/2005 Brooke's Halo Las Madrinas Handicap   FPX OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
1/15/2005 Buzzards Bay Golden Gate Derby GG OBSJun04 OBSApr04 OBSAug03
4/9/2005 Buzzards Bay Santa Anita Derby 1 SA OBSJun04 OBSApr04 OBSAug03
8/7/2005 Cause To Believe Cavonnier Juvenile Stakes SR OBSMar05
10/15/05 Cause To Believe Comcast Bay Meadows Juv. S. BM OBSMar05
11/26/05 Cause To Believe Mill Valley Stakes GG OBSMar05
10/8/05 Captain Squire Ancient Title Br. Cup H. 1 SA OBSAug00
6/5/2005 Cervelo Blazing Sword Stakes CRC OBSMar03
11/6/05 Champagne Ending NY Stallion S. AQU OBSJun04
8/6/2005 Chancey Light Pennsylvania Gov. Cup H. PEN OBSMar01
9/5/05 Chancey Light Aspidistra Handicap CRC OBSMar01
10/22/05 Cinderella's Dream Maid of the Mist S. BEL OBSApr05
9/26/05 Classy Charm Colonial Minstrel S.


2/5/2005 Closing Argument Holy Bull Stakes 3 GP OBSApr04 OBSAug03
7/4/2005 Coach Jimi Lee Iowa Sprint Handicap PRM OBSApr02 OBSAug01
6/25/2005 Concorde's Edge Gilded Time Stakes MTH OBSApr04
6/18/2005 Cousins Lew Malcolm Anderson Stakes GG OBSMar05 OBSAug04
3/26/2005 Dance Away Capote Bourbonette Br. Cup S. TP OBSMar04
5/28/2005 Dance Away Capote Go For Wand Stakes DEL OBSMar04
9/15/05 Dancin Olivia Bustles and Bows Stakes FPX OBSMar05
1/1/2005 Dansetta Light Tropical Park Oaks CRC OBSMar04
6/26/2005 Darluna Lulu's Ransom Stakes CRC OBSOct02
6/19/2005 Dazzling Dr. Cevin Valid Video Stakes CRC OBSJan03
10/15/05 Dazzling Dr. Cevin Calder Derby CRC OBSJan03
6/19/2005 Devil Time Sydney Gendleman Mem. H. RD OBSMar03
9/10/05 Diligent Prospect Foothill Stakes FPX OBSFeb04 OBSAug03


Disappearing Trick Riley Allison Futurity SUN OBSApr05  
4/30/2005 Don't Get Mad Derby Trial Stakes CD OBSMar04
6/18/2005 Don't Get Mad Nortrhern Dancer Br. Cup S. 3 CD OBSMar04
10/1/05 Don't Get Mad Indiana Derby 2 HOO OBSMar04
5/28/2005 Dream On Dream On Simply Majestic Stakes CRC OBSMar04
9/24/05 Dream On Dream On Needles Stakes CRC OBSMar04
7/16/2005 Ells Editor Claiming Crown Glass Slipper S.   CBY OBSApr03 OBSAug02
9/4/2005 Fast Lisa Ravolia Stakes   CRC OBSAug03  
1/8/2005 Fencelineneighbor San Gorgonio Handicap 3 SA OBSJan01
7/31/2005 Flamethrowintexan Mt. Rainier Br. Cup H. EMD OBSOct01  
9/24/2005 Flamethrowintexan Sir Winston Churchill H. HST OBSOct01  
11/27/05 Fleet Indian Montauk Handicap AQU OBSMar03  
10/22/05 Friendly Island Hudson Handicap BEL OBSMar03  
2/13/2005 Fusaichi Rock Star San Vicente Stakes 2 SA OBSAug03 OBSJan03
6/26/2005 Gamblers Slew Charlie Barley Stakes WO OBSApr04 OBSAug03
10/15/05 Gin Rummy King Criterium Stakes CRC OBSApr05  
1/22/2005 Glorious Prospect Genesis Stakes DED OBSApr04
5/7/2005 Golden Hunt President's Handicap STP OBSApr04
10/15/05 Golden Hunt Western Canada Handicap NP OBSApr04
1/9/2005 Gold Storm Colonel Power Handicap FG OBSApr02
3/19/2005 Gold Storm Duncan F. Kenner Br. Cup H. FG OBSApr02
11/12/05 Good Intentions John Franks Juv. Fillies Turf S.


3/21/2005 Gower OBS Sprint Stakes OTC OBSMar04
4/29/2005 Gower Naked Greed Stakes CRC OBSMar04
11/26/05 Hailie's Girl Blue Mountain Juvenile S. PEN OBSApr05
2/26/2005 Heavenly Humor Soviet Problem Handicap BM OBSApr03
4/2/2005 Heavenly Humor Moc Ins. Serv. Woodside H. BM OBSApr03
8/20/2005 Hello Lucky Lakeway Stakes RET OBSApr04
6/5/2005 Hope For Peace Charles Taylor Derby ALB OBSOct02
10/1/05 Hyte Regency Harrah's Juvenile S. LAD OBSApr05 OBSOct03
7/9/2005 If It's Meant To B Six Perfections Stakes BEL OBSMar04
3/12/2005 Injustice Azeri Breeders Cup Stakes 3 OP OBSApr03
7/4/2005 Injustice Saylorville Stakes PRM OBSApr03
11/26/2005 Injustice

Dream Supreme Stakes

6/20/2005 In Summation B L's Sweep Stakes CRC OBSMar05 OBSAug04
7/10/2005 In Summation Birdonthewire Stakes CRC OBSMar05 OBSAug04
8/13/2005 In Summation Dr. Fager S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSMar05 OBSAug04
9/3/05 In Summation Affirmed S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSMar05 OBSAug04
3/26/2005 Interpatation Palm Beach Stakes 3 GP OBSAug03
3/5/2005 Jill Robin L Bonnie Miss Stakes GP OBSApr04 OBSOct02
4/30/2005 Judith's Wild Rush Vigil Handicap 3 WO OBSAug02
7/9/2005 Judith's Wild Rush Bold Venture Handicap WO OBSAug02
8/17/2005 Kate Winslett Yaddo Handicap (2nd Div) SAR OBSAug02
8/13/2005 Katy Smiles Dean Kutz Stakes CBY OBSAug03
7/4/2005 Keep This Cat Tellike Handicap EVD OBSJun03
7/4/2005 Keesler Arctic Queen Handicap FL OBSMar03
9/5/05 Kingsfield Prairie Meadows Freshman S.. PRM OBSApr05
7/4/2005 Kitten's Joy Firecracker Br. Cup H. 2 CD OBSApr03
6/18/2005 Lakes Tune Crank It Up Stakes MTH OBSApr04 OBSAug03
12/31/05 Laurafina Frances A. Genter Stakes CRC OBSMar04  
8/28/2005 Leprechaun Kid Del Mar Handicap 2 DMR OBSAug00
9/24/05 Level Playingfield Marfa Stakes   TP OBSApr03
8/14/2005 Lizzy's Township Mountaineer Juv. Fillies S. MNR OBSAug04
1/29/2005 Lost In The Fog Sunshine Millions Dash S. GP OBSMar04 OBSAug03
3/5/2005 Lost In The Fog Swale Stakes 2 GP OBSMar04 OBSAug03
4/9/2005 Lost In The Fog Bay Shore Stakes 3 AQU OBSMar04 OBSAug03
5/14/2005 Lost In The Fog Golden Bear Br. Cup S. GG OBSMar04 OBSAug03
6/11/2005 Lost In The Fog Riva Ridge Br. Cup S. 2 BEL OBSMar04 OBSAug03
7/10/2005 Lost In The Fog Carry Back Stakes 2 CRC OBSMar04 OBSAug03
8/27/2005 Lost In The Fog King's Bishop Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar04 OBSAug03
10/1/05 Lost In The Fog Bay Meadows Speed H.   BM OBSMar04 OBSAug03
3/5/2005 Magna Graduate John Battaglia Memorial S. TP OBSFeb04


Magna Graduate Pegasus Handicap 3 MED OBSFeb04


Magna Graduate Discovery Handicap 3 MED OBSFeb04


Magna Graduate Clark Handicap 2 CD OBSFeb04
2/5/2005 Malibu Moonshine Miracle Wood Stakes LRL OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
3/26/2005 Malibu Moonshine Private Terms Stakes LRL OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
4/23/2005 Malibu Moonshine Federico Tesio S. PIM OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
9/3/05 Malika's Gold Lyrique Handicap LAD OBSApr04 OBSAug03 OBSOct02
9/2/05 May Night P.G. Johnson Stakes


1/2/2005 Megascape Ruthless Stakes AQU OBSMar04
11/6/05 Midtown Miss Bold World Stakes CRC OBSMar04 OBSAug03
3/21/2005 Mighty Mecke OBS Championship Stakes OTC OBSApr04 OBSJan03
6/5/2005 Mighty Mecke Nick Shuk Memorial Stakes DEL OBSApr04 OBSJan03
12/3/05 Miss Concerto Bessarabian Stakes 3 WO OBSApr03 OBSAug02
4/30/2005 Missile Bay Xtra Heat Stakes PIM OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
9/25/05 Missile Bay Mongo Queen Stakes MTH OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
11/12/05 Mr. Silver Arthur I. Appleton Juv. Turf S. CRC OBSFeb05  
6/26/2005 Naughty New Yorker Mike Lee Stakes BEL OBSMar04
8/24/2005 Naughty New Yorker Albany Stakes SAR OBSMar04
3/21/2005 Neverlacken Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSMar04
4/9/2005 Nicandro Fl. Cup Sophomore Turf S. TAM OBSAug03
8/20/2005 One Way Flight Aspirant Stakes FL OBSFeb05
4/23/2005 Orphan Brigade Littlebitlively Stakes LS OBSMar03
7/31/2005 Outcashem HBPADash Stakes CT OBSFeb03
8/14/2005 Outcashem W.V. Leg. Chairman's Cup MNR OBSFeb03
10/7/05 Outcashem HBPA City of Charles Town H. CT OBSFeb03
11/12/05 Peach Flambe Joe O'Farrell Juv. Fillies S. CRC OBSApr05
9/5/05 Phone the Diva Shakopee Stakes CBY OBSApr02
10/1/05 Precisepursuit Finger Lakes Juv. Fillies S. FL OBSAug04
10/29/05 Private Scandal Find Handicap LRL OBSMar02
12/24/05 Prospect of Love GTBOA Debutante S. CRC OBSApr05
2/5/2005 Proud Accolade Hutcheson Stakes 2 GP OBSMar04 OBSAug03
1/21/2005 Razor Dixieland Stakes OP OBSFeb04
5/14/2005 Razor Matt Winn Stakes CD OBSFeb04
9/4/05 Reaffirmed Continental Mile S. MTH OBSApr05
11/6/05 Retribution NY Stallion S. AQU OBSApr04
11/5/05 Ride Her Out Copano Stakes CRC OBSApr03
3/19/2005 Rizzi Girl Hillsborough Stakes TAM OBSAug99 OBSOct98
3/19/2005 R Lady Joy Florida Oaks TAM OBSMar02
7/16/2005 R Lady Joy Delaware Oaks 2 DEL OBSMar02
12/10/05 R Loyal Man Inaugural Stakes   TAM OBSFeb05
7/3/2005 R Obsession Ms Brookski Stakes CRC OBSFeb03
5/14/2005 Rodeo's Castle Ford Express Stakes LS OBSAug02
5/29/2005 Rodeo's Castle King's Court Stakes LAD OBSAug02
4/9/2005 Running Bobcats Fl. Cup Sophomore Fillies S. TAM ADNMar04
7/23/2005 Running Lass G.T.O.B.A. Juv. Fil. Turf Da SH CRC OBSApr05
8/13/2005 Running Lass Desert Vixen S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr05
9/3/05 Running Lass Susan's Girl S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr05
7/2/2005 Santana Strings Alysheba Breeders' Cup S. LS OBSApr04 OBSAug03
8/7/2005 Santana Strings Amsterdam Stakes 3 SAR OBSApr04 OBSAug03
1/8/2005 Saratoga County Mr. Prospector Handicap 3 GP OBSFeb03
2/21/2005 Saratoga County General George Handicap 2 LRL OBSFeb03
1/15/2005 Scrappy T Count Fleet Stakes AQU OBSApr04
4/30/2005 Scrappy T Withers Stakes 3 AQU OBSApr04
7/4/2005 Secret Corsage Alameda County F & M H. PLN OBSApr03
7/1/2005 She's A Jewel Impressive Style Handicap HOL OBSApr04 OBSAug03
8/21/2005 She's A Jewel Aladdin Resort And Casino H. DMR OBSApr04 OBSAug03
8/20/2005 She Says It Best Anna M. Fisher Debutante S. ELP OBSFeb05
5/15/2005 Silver Haze Excalibur Stakes LAD OBSMar04
6/11/2005 Silver Haze Bossier City Handicap LAD OBSMar04
11/27/2005 Silver Haze Woodchopper Stakes LAD OBSMar04
7/23/2005 Silver Moose Anderson Fowler Stakes MTH OBSAug03
6/19/2005 Sinister G Wadsworth Memorial H. FL OBSApr03
6/25/2005 Sir Jackie Lord Juban Stakes CRC OBSAug03
11/19/2005 Sir Jackie Blazing Sword Stakes CRC OBSAug03
6/15/2005 Slew Motion Dancin Renee Stakes BEL OBSAug03
5/14/2005 Smokume Decathlon Stakes MTH OBSApr03
7/17/2005 Smokume Tom Fool Stakes 2 BEL OBSApr03
2/12/2005 Sort It Out Whirlaway Stakes AQU OBSApr04
1/2/2005 Souris Bold Ego Handicap SUN OBSApr02
1/22/2005 Souris American Beauty Stakes OP OBSApr02
2/5/2005 Souris Pan Zareta Handicap FG OBSApr02
2/26/2005 Souris Spring Fever Stakes OP OBSApr02
7/16/2005 Souris Shine Again Stakes BEL OBSApr02
1/15/2005 Spanish Chestnut San Rafael Stakes 2 SA OBSFeb04
5/28/2005 Stormin' Lyon Bullet Stakes HOL OBSMar03
7/10/2005 Southern Cal Calder Turf Sprint H. CRC OBSJun03
7/31/2005 Southern Cal The Vid Stakes CRC OBSJun03
9/24/05 Sparkling Pink NATC Sorority Stakes MTH OBSFeb05
10/15/05 Sweet Talker Queen Elizabeth Challenge Cup 1 KEE OBSMar04


Supervisor Spnd a Buck Handicap 3 CRC OBSApr02
5/28/2005 Tacirring Ben Cohen Stakes PIM OBSMar01
7/10/2005 Tacirring John Mc Sorley Stakes MTH OBSMar01
8/5/2005 Tacirring Pennsylvania Governors Cup H. . PEN OBSMar01
8/13/2005 Tacirring Sneakbox Stakes MTH OBSMar01
11/4/05 Tacirring Thomas Edison S. MED OBSMar01
7/10/2005 That's The Problem Rocket Man Stakes CRC OBSJan00
9/3/05 Thekatcamehome Prairie Meadows Debutante S. PRM OBSApr05
3/12/2005 Thunderdoll Sam Houseton Oaks HOU OBSMar04 OBSJun04
10/15/05 Thunder Touch Vincent a. Moscarelli Mem. H. DEL ADNMar03  
6/4/2005 Travelator Candy Eclair Stakes FL OBSApr02
6/25/2005 Travelator West Long Branch Stakes MTH OBSApr02
9/18/05 Travelator Schenectady Stakes MTH OBSApr02
3/26/2005 Trickey Trevor San Carlos Handicap BM OBSMar01
11/25/2005 Trickey Trevor Forty-Niner Handicap GG OBSMar01
12/26/05 Trickey Trevor Holiday Turf Handicap BM OBSMar01
10/29/05 True Kiss MTBOA Joy Stakes GLD OBSJun04
4/23/2005 True Tails Wafare Farm Stakes LS OBSAug03
11/27/05 Universal Form Radar Love Stakes CRC OBSApr03
10/23/05 Wait a While Miss Grillo S. BEL OBSFeb05
9/3/05 Weekend Weather Seacliff Stakes CRC OBSMar05
9/24/05 What's Your Edge NATC Futurity Stakes MTH OBSMar05
1/2/2005 Whenthedoveflies Born Famous Handicap CRC OBSOct00
3/29/2005 Whenthedoveflies Holiday Inn Express Staks TAM OBSOct00
5/7/2005 Whenthedoveflies Lightning City Stakes TAM OBSOct00
7/30/2005 Whenthedoveflies Klassy Briefcase Stakes MTH OBSOct00
12/22/2005 Whenthedoveflies My Melanie Stakes CRC OBSOct00
9/10/05 Whos Crying Now Ambehaving Stakes CRC OBSFeb02
11/12/05 Whos Crying Now Carl G. Rose Classic H. CRC OBSFeb02
9/11/05 Willow Rush E.B. Johnston S. FPX ADNMar03
10/22/05 Within Reason Sunny Slope S. SA OBSFeb05
2/19/2005 Wire Bound Tampa Bay Br. Cup H. TAM OBSApr03
11/26/2005 Wire Bound Pass the Line Stakes CRC OBSApr03
11/26/05 Wonder Lady Anne L. Demoiselle Stakes 2 AQU OBSAug04
10/28/05 Yankee Master Woodford Res. Bourbon S. KEE OBSMar05