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OBS 2004 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
11/13/2004 Ablo Coronation Futurity WO OBSJan03
5/15/2004 Abbondanza Hirsch Jacobs Stakes PIM OBSMar02
10/2/2004 Abbondanza Gallant Bob Handicap PHA OBSMar02
5/8/2004 A B Noodle Yerba Buena Br.C Up H. 3 BM OBSAug00
11/7/2004 Accurate New York Stallion Stakes AQU OBSApr04
8/14/2004 Aclassysassylassy Desert Vixen S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr04
9/6/2004 Aclassysassylassy Susan's Girl S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr04
10/23/2004 Aclassysassylassy My Dear Girl S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr04
11/13/2004 Aclassysassylassy Joe O'farrell Juvenile S. CRC OBSApr04
8/28/2004 Added Edge Governor's Handicap ELP OBSApr02
11/13/2004 Added Edge Michael G. Schaefer Mile S. HOO OBSApr02
10/16/2004 All Hail Stormy Bergen County Stakes MED OBSFeb03 OBSAug02
12/27/2004 All Hail Stormy Mint Stakes CRC OBSFeb03 OBSAug02
8/1/2004 All The Honor Georgia Peaches Stakes CRC OBSAug01 OBSOct00
7/31/2004 Alpha Capo Bossier City Handicap LAD ADNMar03 OBSAug02
9/6/2004 Ambition Unbridled Candy Eclair Stakes MTH OBSFeb03
10/23/2004 Ambition Unbridled P.G. Johnson Stakes MTH OBSFeb03
9/6/2004 A Nice Splash Puss N Boots Stakes FE OBSJan04
7/17/2004 Angelic Aura R.R.M. Carpenter Jr. Mem. H. DEL OBSApr02
3/15/2004 Baronage Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr03
3/21/2004 Basketball Court Horatius Stakes LRL OBSMar03 OBSAug02 OBSOct01
8/14/2004 B.B. Best Dr. Fager Stakes (F.S.S) CRC OBSFeb04
10/23/2004 B.B. Best In Reality Stakes (F.S.S) CRC OBSFeb04
9/6/2004 Bellamy Road Miller Gen. Draft Crale S. 3 RD OBSApr04
12/4/2004 Better Than Bonds What A Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSApr04
11/13/2004 Bluesbdancing Showtime Deb Stakes H AW OBSMar04
2/1/2004 Bluesthestandard Palos Verdes Handicap 2 SA OBSApr99 OBSOct97
1/1/2004 Bobbie Use Tropical Park Oaks CRC OBSFeb03
6/19/2004 Boomzeeboom Affirmed Handicap 3 HOL ADNMar03
2/14/2004 Burning Roma Tampa Bay Breeders Cup S. TAM OBSAug99
5/29/2004 Burning Roma Red Bank Handicap 3 MTH OBSAug99
5/16/2004 Callthesheriff Trippi Stakes CRC OBSJun01 OBSAug00
7/4/2004 Camp On Wood Niagara Stakes FL OBSJan02
7/24/2004 Cervelo Jackie Wackie Stakes CRC OBSMar03
3/21/2004 Christmas Time Soviet Problem Handicap GG OBSAug01
5/2/2004 Christmas Time Woodside Handicap BM OBSAug01
9/6/2004 Cin Cin Affirmed Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr04
10/2/2004 Cin Cin Foolish Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSApr04
1/31/2004 City Fire Nellie Morse Stakes LRL OBSFeb02
11/13/2004 Classic Endeavor Stuyvesant Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar00 OBSJan99
12/4/2004 Classic Endeavor Queens County Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar00 OBSJan99
8/15/2004 Class Of Seventy Side Bar Stakes CRC OBSAug00
9/4/2004 Closing Argument Natc Futurity DEL OBSApr04 OBSAug03
7/4/2004 Coach Jimi Lee Iowa Sprint Handicap PRM OBSApr02 OBSAug01
10/23/2004 Code Of Ethics Summertime Promise Stakes HAW OBSApr03
1/31/2004 Crafty Tears Gasparilla Stakes TAM OBSMar03
6/27/2004 Daalavin Charlie Barley Stakes WO OBSJan02
9/6/2004 Dansetta Light Lindsay Frolic Stakes CRC OBSMar04
10/2/2004 Dansetta Light Brave Raj Stakes CRC OBSMar04
12/12/2004 Dansetta Light Georgia Debutante Stakes CRC OBSMar04
9/25/2004 Dance Away Capote Irish Sonnet Stakes DEL OBSMar04
4/10/2004 Devil Time Edward Babst Memorial H. BEU OBSMar03
5/16/2004 Double D Appeal Nursery Stakes HOL OBSFeb04
9/4/2004 Emerald Earrings Ontario Colleen Stakes WO OBSJan02
5/16/2004 Ericka's Lass Mount Royal Handicap STP OBSApr03
6/12/2004 Ericka's Lass Chantilly Stakes ASD OBSApr03
9/12/2004 Ericka's Lass Assiniboia Oaks Stakes ASD OBSApr03
2/7/2004 Eternal Cup American Beauty Stakes OP OBSJan01
3/27/2004 Eternal Cup Carousel Stakes OP OBSJan01
12/31/2004 Expect An Angel Chaposa Springs Stakes 3 CRC OBSJun02 OBSAug01
4/24/2004 Feline Story Legal Light Stakes DEL OBSMar03
9/18/2004 Feline Story Floral Park Handicap 3 BEL OBSMar03
6/26/2004 Flamenco Victoria Stakes WO OBSFeb04 OBSAug03 OBSOct02
10/17/2004 Flamenco Cowdin Stakes BEL OBSFeb04 OBSAug03 OBSOct02
10/17/2004 Flamenco Cowdin Stakes BEL OBSFeb04 OBSAug03 OBSOct02
11/13/2004 Flamenco Jack Price Juvenile Stakes CRC OBSFeb04 OBSAug03 OBSOct02
7/31/2004 Flamethrowintexan Seattle Slew Br. Cup H. EMD OBSOct01
9/26/2004 Flamethrowintexan British Columbia Derby 2 HST OBSOct01
5/15/2004 Formal Miss Liberada Handicap CRC OBSOct00
10/10/2004 Formal Miss Garden Saint Stakes CRC OBSOct00
11/6/2004 Formal Miss Soft Parade Stakes CRC OBSOct00
12/22/2004 Formal Miss Deauville Stakes CRC OBSOct00
8/30/2003 French Village Susan's Girl S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr03
6/12/2004 French Village Vague Memory Stakes CRC OBSApr03
10/23/2004 Friendly Island Hudson Handicap BEL OBSMar03
11/14/2004 Frisco Belle Star Ball Handicap GG OBSApr02
5/2/2004 Gander Kings Point Handicap AQU OBSMar98
6/18/2004 Gin Rummy Champ Naked Greed Stakes CRC OBSApr03
2/29/2004 Go Kitty Go Borderland Derby SUN OBSApr03
7/23/2004 Gold Storm J.R. Strauss Memorial S. RET OBSApr02
8/28/2004 Gold Storm Arlington Br. Cup Sprint H. AP OBSApr02
5/22/2004 Governor's Pride Ben Cohen Stakes PIM OBSMar99
10/23/2004 G P's Black Knight Birdonthewire Stakes CRC OBSFeb04
2/15/2004 Gradepoint Risen Star Stakes 3 FG OBSFeb03
1/17/2004 Heavenly Humor Miss California Stakes GG OBSApr03
5/15/2004 Heavenly Humor San Jose Stakes BM OBSApr03
10/24/2004 Hello Lucky Anoakia Stakes SA OBSApr04 OBSJan03
10/3/2004 Higher World Mazarine Breeders' Cup S. 2 WO OBSMar04
12/11/2004 Hostile Witness Inaugural Stakes TAM OBSApr04 OBSFeb04
3/15/2004 Humorously Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSMar03
5/31/2004 Icy Atlantic Jersey Derby 3 MTH OBSMar03
12/18/2004 Injustice Cy-Fair Stakes HOU OBSApr03
5/22/2004 Judith's Wild Rush Marine Stakes 3 WO OBSAug02
2/21/2004 Kaufy Mate Sam F. Davis Stakes TAM OBSApr03 OBSAug02
4/3/2004 Kaufy Mate Aventura Stakes GP OBSApr03 OBSAug02
4/4/2004 Keystone Point Dayton Andrews Dodge Turf S. TAM OBSApr03
1/1/2004 Kiowa Prince Dancing Count Stakes LRL OBSFeb03
5/1/2004 Kiss A Native John Henry Handicap EVD OBSApr99
1/1/2004 Kitten's Joy Tropical Park Derby 3 CRC OBSApr03
2/21/2004 Kitten's Joy Palm Beach Stakes 3 GP OBSApr03
4/30/2004 Kitten's Joy Crown Royal American Turf 3 CD OBSApr03
7/10/2004 Kitten's Joy Virginia Derby 3 CNL OBSApr03
8/14/2004 Kitten's Joy Secretariat Stakes 1 AP OBSApr03
10/2/2004 Kitten's Joy Joe Hirsch Turf Classic 1 BEL OBSApr03
9/18/2004 Knight Of Darkness City Zip Stakes MTH OBSApr03
8/21/2004 Kota Anna M. Fisher Debutante S. ELP OBSApr04 OBSAug03
9/8/2004 Level Playingfield Kentucky Cup Sprint Stakes TP OBSApr03
2/7/2004 Little Maath Man Whirlaway Stakes AQU OBSJan02
12/26/2004 Lost In The Fog Arizona Juvenile Stakes TUP OBSAug03 OBSMar04
12/26/2004 Malibu Moonshine St. Nick Stakes CT OBSAug03 OBSFeb04
10/8/2004 Manofglory My Frenchman Stakes MED OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
5/8/2004 Max Forever Quick Card Stakes DEL OBSFeb02
10/3/2004 Megascape Joseph A. Gimma Stakes BEL OBSMar04
11/21/2004 Megascape Valley Stream Stakes 3 AQU OBSMar04
8/1/2004 Miss Venturous Princess Margaret Stakes NP OBSApr04
9/4/2004 Miss Venturous Bird Of Pay Stakes NP OBSApr04
8/20/2004 Model Home Forty One Carats Stakes CRC OBSJan01
9/6/2004 Monti's Lad Fasig Tipton Turf Dash S. CRC OBSAug03
1/24/2004 Mooji Moo Sunshine Millions Sprint S. SA OBSJun01
4/25/2004 Move To Strike Star De Naskra Stakes PIM OBSFeb03
10/16/2004 Move To Strike Sonny Hine Stakes PIM OBSFeb03
5/8/2004 Mr. Livingston Carterista Handicap CRC OBSAug98 OBSJan98
6/26/2004 Multiplication Mike Lee Stakes BEL OBSMar03
8/6/2004 My Creed James F. Lyttle Mem. H. SR OBSApr03
9/6/2004 My Creed Emerald Downs Br. Cup Derby EMD OBSApr03
12/12/2004 Naughty New Yorker Damon Runyon Stakes AQU OBSMar04
4/4/2004 Nonsuch Bay Banshee Breeze Handicap GP OBSMar01
8/28/2004 Nothing To Lose Fourstardave Handicap 2 SAR OBSApr02
10/9/2004 Nothing To Lose Shadwell Turf Mile 1 KEE OBSApr02
7/10/2004 Onebadshark Sam J. Whiting Memorial H. PLN OBSApr02 OBSAug01
10/3/2004 Onebadshark Big Jag Handicap BM OBSApr02 OBSAug01
6/13/2004 Organ Grinder Victoria Park Stakes WO OBSMar03
8/28/2004 Organ Grinder Canadian Derby 3 NP OBSMar03
5/15/2004 Outrageous Queen Tomboy Stakes RD OBSApr03
2/8/2004 Outright Buck Fair Grounds Sales Stakes FG OBSAug02
9/4/2004 Outright Buck Lyrique Handicap LAD OBSAug02
7/18/2004 Outstander Sissy Woolums Mem Stakes CNL OBSJan00
11/13/2004 Paisley Park College Of New Jersey Stakes MED OBSPAR02
2/29/2004 Peace Rules New Orleans Handicap 2 FG OBSMar02 OBSOct00
4/3/2004 Peace Rules Oaklawn Handicap 2 OP OBSMar02 OBSOct00
7/3/2004 Peace Rules Suburban Handicap 1 BEL OBSMar02 OBSOct00
5/31/2004 Private Lap Eight Thirty Stakes DEL OBSApr01
9/18/2004 Private Lap Sussex Stakes DEL OBSApr01
10/9/2004 Proud Accolade Champagne Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar04 OBSAug03
1/24/2004 Proud Man Sunshine Millions Turf S. GP OBSJun00
3/20/2005 Quest Star Pan American Handicap 2 GP OBSMar01
4/17/2004 Quinton's Gold Rush Lexington Stakes 2 KEE OBSMar03
9/5/2004 Railroad Gold Rush Futurity Stakes ARP OBSApr04
8/21/2004 Reddy For Rubys Lady Fingers Stakes FL OBSApr04
11/11/2004 Right This Way Soaring Softly Stakes AQU OBSJun03
2/15/2004 Roar Emotion Sabin Handicap 3 GP OBSApr02
9/11/2004 R Obsession Judy's Red Shoes Stakes CRC OBSFeb03
11/27/2004 R Obsession Frances A. Genter Stakes CRC OBSFeb03
8/29/2004 Rocky River Spectacular Bid Stakes AP OBSApr04
5/14/2004 Rosecoloredglasses John Franks Memorial S. LAD OBSJun01
7/4/2004 Roses In May Cornhusker Br. Cup H. 3 PRM OBSApr02
8/7/2004 Roses In May Whitney Handicap 1 SAR OBSApr02
9/18/2004 Roses In May Kentucky Cup Classic 2 TP OBSApr02
10/23/2004 Running Bobcats Cassidy Stakes CRC ADNMar04
10/8/2004 Runway Model Darley Alcibiades Stakes 2 KEE OBSFeb04
11/27/2004 Runway Model Golden Rod Stakes 2 CD OBSFeb04
3/20/2004 Saratoga County Gotham Stakes 3 AQU OBSFeb03
1/3/2004 Sea Span Minaret Stakes TAM OBSApr01
8/13/2004 Sea Span Unique Type Stakes CRC OBSApr01
5/14/2004 Salty Punch Danzig Stakes PEN OBSMar03
1/17/2004 Second Of June Holy Bull Stakes 3 GP OBSJan03
1/24/2004 Secret Request Sunshine Millions Distaff S. GP OBSApr02
5/7/2004 Secret Request Cut The Charm Stakes CRC OBSApr02
7/17/2004 Secret Request Nancy's Glitter Handicap CRC OBSApr02
7/5/2004 Silver Zipper Minnesota H.B.P.A. Sprint S. CBY OBSJan98
8/14/2004 Silver Zipper Cigar Stakes AP OBSJan98
3/20/2004 Sinister G Lane's End Stakes 2 TP OBSApr03
1/31/2004 Skeet King Cotton Stakes OP OBSMar02 OBSJan01
3/21/2004 Skeet Hot Springs Stakes OP OBSMar02 OBSJan01
5/15/2004 Smoke Chaser Fir For A Queen Stakes AP OBSApr01
3/14/2004 Smok'n Frolic Next Move Handicap 3 AQU OBSFeb01
5/29/2004 Smokume Gilded Time Stakes MTH OBSApr03
7/9/2004 Smokume Ogygian Stakes BEL OBSApr03
9/6/2004 Souris Safely Kept Stakes AP OBSApr02
1/24/2004 Southern Image Sunshine Millions Classic SA OBSMar02
3/6/2004 Southern Image Santa Anita Handicap 1 SA OBSMar02
5/14/2004 Southern Image Pimlico Special Handicap 1 PIM OBSMar02
8/28/2004 Soverign Honor Needles Stakes CRC OBSMar03 OBSAug02
4/30/2004 Special Report Lenta Stakes CRC OBSJun03
5/21/2004 Special Report Castlebrook Stakes CRC OBSJun03
2/21/2004 Spectacular Lisa Chou Croute Handicap FG OBSJun02
2/14/2004 Speedy Falcon El Paso Times Handicap SUN OBSApr03
3/27/2004 Speedy Falcon Winstar/Sunland Park Oaks SUN OBSApr03
4/21/2004 Stormin' Lyon Harry Henson Stakes HOL OBSMar03
12/5/2004 Successfully Sweet East View Stakes AQU OBSJun04
3/7/2004 Surf N Sand Spring Fever Stakes OP OBSFeb01
4/24/2004 Surf N Sand Prairie Rose Stakes PRM OBSFeb01
6/13/2004 Sweet Problem Alywow Stakes WO OBSMar03
11/14/2004 Sweet Talker Caressing Handicap CD OBSMar04
7/31/2004 Sweet Win San Clemente Handicap 2 DMR OBSApr03
9/4/2004 Swither Natc Sorority DEL OBSAug03
8/29/2004 Tchula Miss Golden Or Stakes CRC OBSOct99
2/15/2004 There Goes Rocket Texas Stallion Stakes HOU OBSMar03
11/28/2004 Thunder Touch Fall Highweight Handicap 3 AQU ADNMar03
3/15/2004 Tingwithasting Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSMar03
9/26/2004 Tour Of The Cat Sumter Stakes CRC OBSApr00
9/21/2004 Tour The Hive Falls Stakes MNR OBSApr99
6/20/2004 Travelator Arctic Queen Stakes FL OBSApr02
8/8/2004 Travelator Regret Stakes FL OBSApr02
12/11/2004 Travelator Garland Of Roses Handicap AQU OBSApr02
10/28/2004 True Tails Lone Star Park Juv. Fillies S. LS OBSAug03
11/13/2004 Turk's Ransom Appleton Juvenile Turf S. CRC OBSJan03
5/29/2004 Twice As Bad Lazaro Barrera Mem. S. 2 HOL OBSAug02 OBSOct01
9/19/2004 Twist And Pop Lighthouse Stakes MTH OBSOct99
7/4/2004 Unbridels King Mecke Handicap CRC OBSFeb02
11/6/2004 Unforgettable Max Shecky Greene Stakes DEL OBSFeb02
3/15/2004 Valid Move Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr03 OBSAug02
1/4/2004 Wacky Patty Genesis Stakes DED OBSJan02
8/7/2004 Wacky Patty Lakeway Stakes RET OBSJan02
3/20/2004 Western Ridge Tempe Handicap TUP OBSApr03
5/23/2004 Whenthedoveflies Cool Air Stakes CRC OBSOct00
7/10/2004 Whenthedoveflies Calder Turf Sprint H. CRC OBSOct00
5/22/2004 Wire Bound Simply Majestic Stakes CRC OBSApr03
9/25/2004 Wire Bound Sir Omni Stakes CRC OBSApr03
12/11/2004 Wire Bound Pete Axthelm Stakes CRC OBSApr03