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OBS 2002 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
5/26/2002 A B Noodle Bay Meadows Oaks BM OBSAug00
9/1/2002 Added Edge Silver Deputy Stakes WO OBSApr02
9/22/2002 Added Edge Swynford Stakes WO OBSApr02
11/2/2002 Added Edge Nashua Stakes 3 AQU OBSApr02
5/4/2002 Always Country Lenta Stakes CRC OBSApr01 OBSOct00
9/21/2002 August Storm Egret Stakes MED OBSMar01
3/30/2002 Baker Road Milwaukee Avenue Handicap SPT OBS Jan00
10/1/2002 Baker Road Pete Condellone Handicap FPK OBS Jan00
5/19/2002 Ballado's Devil Forty One Carats Handicap CRC OBSFeb00 OBSAug99
10/12/2002 Beyond Brilliant Caballos Del Sol H. TUP OBSApr00
7/4/2002 Blackjack Boy Prairie Gold Juvenile S. PRM OBSOct00
9/29/2002 Bog Hunter Foundation Plan Handicap CRC OBSAug00 OBSOct99
2/10/2002 Bold World Dame Mysterieuse Stakes GP OBSApr01
3/18/2002 Bold World Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr01
3/22/2002 Bold World Charon Stakes GP OBSApr01
5/18/2002 Bold World Little Silver Stakes MTH OBSApr01
6/8/2002 Bold World Ocean Hotel Stakes MTH OBSApr01
7/13/2002 Bold World Azalea Breeders' Cup S. 3 CRC OBSApr01
1/19/2002 Booklet Holy Bull Stakes 3 GP OBSFeb01 OBSAug00
2/16/2002 Booklet Fountain Of Youth Stakes 1 GP OBSFeb01 OBSAug00
3/18/2002 Bronze Autumn Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSFeb01
9/13/2002 Burning Roma Alysheba Stakes MED OBSAug99
10/4/2002 Burning Roma Meadowlands Cup 2 MED OBSAug99
9/22/2002 Cagey Move Hyperactive Stakes CRC OBSAug00
3/23/2002 Caller One Dubai Golden Shaheen 3 NAD OBSMar99
2/2/2002 Captain Squire Turf Paradise Derby TUP OBSAug00
5/27/2002 Captain Squire Lazaro Barrera Memorial S. 3 HOL OBSAug00
6/23/2002 Castlebrook Hurrivane Viv Handicap CRC OBSMar99
10/12/2002 Castlebrook Shocker T Handicap CRC OBSMar99
8/3/2002 Cat's Glow Audubon Oaks ELP OBSFeb01 OBSOct99
11/23/2002 Coach Jim Lee Hoosier Juvenile S. HOO OBSApr02 OBSAug01
9/14/2002 Coahoma My Friend Russ Stakes DEL OBS Jan00
8/31/2002 Collymore Hall Natc Sorority Futurity DEL OBSFeb02
9/14/2002 Compendium Chick Lang Jr. Memorial S. RET OBSFeb00
5/11/2002 Coolbythepool Nancy's Glitter Stakes CRC OBSApr99
7/6/2002 Coolbythepool Georgia On My Mind H. CRC OBSApr99
8/11/2002 Coolbythepool Golden Or Handicap CRC OBSApr99
11/16/2002 Coolbythepool Elmer Heubeck Distaff H. CRC OBSApr99
8/31/2002 Crafty Guy Natc Futurity DEL OBSFeb02
12/7/2002 Crafty Guy Primer Stakes LRL OBSFeb02
10/14/2002 Crescent Coast Columbus Day Stakes SUF OBSMar99 OBSAug98 OBSOct97
5/26/2002 Crowned Dancer Willard L. Proctor Mem. S. HOL OBSMar02 OBSAug01
7/20/2002 Crowned Dancer Hollywood Juv. Champ. S. 3 HOL OBSMar02 OBSAug01
3/30/2002 Darling L. Governor's Lady Handicap SPT OBSApr99
7/2/2002 Dash For Daylight Mountain State Handicap MTN OBSMar99
7/27/2002 Dash For Daylight Don Bernhardt Stakes ELP OBSMar99
8/24/2002 Dash For Daylight Governor's Handicap ELP OBSMar99
11/2/2002 Dawn Of The Condor Knickerbocker Handicap 2 AQU OBSMar99
6/22/2002 Delray Dew Wild Rose Handicap PRM OBSAug99
6/23/2002 Devil Time Sydney Gendleman Memorial H. RD OBSMar99
5/4/2002 D'wildcat Churchill Downs Handicap 2 CD OBSMar00
9/11/2002 D'wildcat Live The Dream Handicap DMR OBSMar00
11/16/2002 D'wildcat Frank J. De Francis Dash 1 LRL OBSMar00
11/16/2002 Elegant Designer Joe O'farrell Juv. Fillies S . CRC OBSApr02
12/7/2002 Elegant Designer Great State Ch. Juv. Fillies HOU OBSApr02
6/15/2002 El Ruller Victoria Stakes WO OBSOct00
5/27/2002 Emergency Status Jersey Derby 3 MTH OBSJun01 OBSOct99
3/16/2002 Ethan Man Swale Stakes 3 GP OBSFeb01
6/22/2002 Extended View Hoist Her Flag Stakes CBY OBSFeb00
6/29/2002 Father Martin Texas Stallion Consolation S . LS OBSOct00
10/26/2002 Feathers Ontario Fashion Handicap WO OBSMar99
2/17/2002 Fertile Vallejo Stakes GG OBSFeb01
6/1/2002 Final Table Peppy Addy Stakes PHA OBSFeb01
10/26/2002 First Shot Topsider Handicap SUF OBSAug98
8/10/2002 Fortunate Card Desert Vixen S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr02
5/8/2002 Free Of Love Westchester Handicap 3 BEL OBSOct98
10/19/2002 Gander Empire Classic Handicap BEL OBSMar98
8/24/2002 Gemma's Star Blazing Sword Handicap CRC OBSMar01
9/14/2002 Gemma's Star Needles Stakes CRC OBSMar01
7/13/2002 Governor's Pride Mo Bay Stakes DEL OBSMar99
7/13/2002 Groomstick Stock's Comet Stakes CRC OBSApr98
6/15/2002 Grundlefoot Baltimore Br. Cup S. 3 PIM OBSMar99
8/4/2002 Grundlefoot Lexington Park Stakes LRL OBSMar99
12/22/2002 Harmony Hall That's Our Buck Stakes CRC OBSFeb01
6/29/2002 Heavenly Miss J J's Dream Stakes CRC OBSApr02
10/19/2002 Heirloom Diamond Blue Hen Stakes DEL OBSApr02
6/14/2002 Hi Tech Honeycomb Panthers Stakes PRM OBSAug00
4/26/2002 Jennasietta Powder Break Stakes CRC OBSApr00
5/25/2002 Jennasietta Calder Breeders' Cup H. CRC OBSApr00
3/2/2002 Katy Kat Bayou Breeders' Cup H. FG OBSFeb00
3/29/2002 Kings Command Hot Springs Stakes OP OBSMar99
6/23/2002 Kris's Prayer Choice Stakes MTH OBSMar01
8/10/2002 Lawbook Dr. Fager Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSAug01
8/31/2002 Lawbook Affirmed Stakes (F.S.S.) CRC OBSAug01
7/7/2002 Lone Star Sky Bashford Manor Stakes 3 CD OBSFeb02
9/2/2002 Lone Star Sky Cradle Stakes RD OBSFeb02
4/20/2002 Lost At Sea San Jose Stakes BM OBSMar01
7/3/2002 Lost At Sea Iowa Oaks PRM OBSMar01
8/10/2002 Lost At Sea Singapore Plate Stakes 3 AP OBSMar01
11/16/2002 Lou's Expectation Paradise Valley Handicap TUP OBSApr01
7/20/2002 Lunar Bounty Anderson Fowler Stakes MTH OBSMar01
3/29/2002 Madame Roar La Voyageuse Stakes WO OBSMar00
6/1/022 Madame Roar Skipat Stakes PIM OBSMar00
9/22/2001 Maddie May Schenectady Stakes BEL OBSMar99
10/4/2002 Manofglory Nureyev Stakes KEE OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
8/31/2002 Maresha Miss Woodford Stakes MTH OBSMar01
6/30/2002 Mike's Wildcat Astoria Stakes BEL OBSMar02
9/14/2002 Miss Lodi Safely Kept 3 PIM OBSApr01
9/28/2002 Moe's Mon Sonny Hine Stakes PIM OBSFeb01
3/18/2002 Mountain Forum Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSFeb01
1/6/2002 Mountain Rage Hill Rise Stakes SA OBSOct99
3/14/2002 Mountain Rage Academy Road S. (1st Div.) SA OBSOct99
4/14/2002 Mountain Rage La Puente Stakes SA OBSOct99
4/28/2002 Mr. Livingston Jackie Wackie Handicap CRC OBSAug98 OBS Jan98
2/24/2002 Ms Brookski Davona Dale Stakes 3 GP OBSApr01 OBSAug00
11/6/2002 Music's Storm Bien Bien Stakes HOL OBSAug00
5/11/2002 Nonsuch Bay Nassau County Br. Cup S. 2 BEL OBSMar01
6/29/2002 Nonsuch Bay Mother Goose Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar01
5/18/2002 Nothing Flat Francis "Jock" Labelle Mem S . DEL OBSMar01
3/24/2002 Outstander Horatious Stakes LRL OBS Jan00
9/8/2002 Outstander Bergen County Stakes MED OBS Jan00
10/19/2002 Outstander Lite The Fuse Stakes LRL OBS Jan00
10/12/2002 Parting Texas Stallion Stakes RET OBSApr02
11/30/2002 Peace Rules Generous Stakes 3 HOL OBSMar02
12/28/2002 Peace Rules Hill Rise Stakes SA OBSMar02
4/6/2002 Platel Star Shoot Stakes WO OBSApr01 OBSAug00
6/29/2002 Profound Secret Sam J. Whiting Memorial H. PLN OBSFeb96
9/9/2002 Profound Secret Big Jag Handicap BM OBSFeb96
9/29/2002 Profound Secret Governor's Cup Handicap FPX OBSFeb96
6/22/2002 Puck Unbridled Stakes CRC OBSMar01
7/13/2002 Puck Long Branch Br. Cup S. 3 MTH OBSMar01
8/5/2002 Quest Star Nat'l. Museum Of Racing S. 2 SAR OBSMar01
2/16/2002 Quinton's Gold Coyote Handicap TUP OBSMar00
3/9/2002 Quinton's Gold Phoenix Goild Cup H. TUP OBSMar00
1/26/2002 Richest Half Mountain Valley Stakes OP OBSAug00
4/21/2002 Raingaskiddy San Juan Capistrano Inv. H. 1 SA OBSApr98
9/29/2002 Reba's Gold Pomona Invitational H. FPX OBSAug99
11/10/2002 Reba's Gold Steinlen Handicap HOL OBSAug98
8/31/2002 Risen Warrior Rapid Transit Stakes PHA OBSApr98
11/30/2002 Roar Emotion Demoiselle Stakes 2 AQU OBSApr02
5/21/2002 Rocker Primal Stakes CRC OBSOct99
3/18/2002 Royal Lad Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSMar01
7/13/2002 Royal Lad Carry Back Stakes CRC OBSMar01
10/20/2002 Royal Lad Record Dash Handicap CRC OBSMar01
8/31/2002 Ruskin Iron Horse Stakes PHA OBSAug94
10/11/2002 Saint Verre Cliff Hanger H. MED OBSAug99
5/4/2002 Sand Ridge Bob Feller Stakes PRM OBSMar97
7/4/2002 Sand Ridge Iowa Sprint Handicap PRM OBSMar97
9/14/2002 Sand Ridge Prairie Meadows Sprint S. PRM OBSMar97
5/26/2002 Sea Of Tranquility Frisk Me Now Stakes MTH OBSApr98
6/16/2002 Sea Of Tranquility Jersey Breeders' Handicap MTH OBSApr98
7/27/2002 Sea Of Tranquility Salvator Mile Handicap 3 MTH OBSApr98
6/21/2002 Sea Span Lady Sonata Stakes CRC OBSApr01
2/2/2002 Showmeitall Hutcheson Stakes 2 GP OBSJun01
8/10/2002 Silver Zipper Shakopee Stakes CBY OBS Jan98
9/16/2002 Sir Brian's Sword Leader Of The Band S. DEL OBSFeb00
4/27/2002 Sky Terrace Derby Trial 3 CD OBSMar01
8/17/2002 Smoke Chaser Meafara Stakes AP OBSApr01
10/5/2002 Smok'n Frolic Cotillion Handicap 2 PHA OBSFeb01
8/31/2002 Souris Top Flight Stakes AP OBSApr02
4/7/2002 Southern Tour Carousel Breeders' Cup S. OP OBSApr00 OBSAug99
12/14/2002 Spensive Gold Rush Stakes GG OBSApr02
1/21/2002 Spin Zone Fred Cappy Caposella S. AQU OBSMar01
5/25/2002 Spring Meadow Stonersdie Stakes LS OBSApr01
5/11/2002 Stormin Oedy Damitrius Stakes DEL OBSAug98
6/1/2002 Stormin Oedy James B. Moseley Br. Cup H. SUF OBSAug98
10/12/2002 Super Fuse Birdonthewire Stakes CRC ADNMar02
11/17/2002 Super Fuse Huntington Stakes AQU ADNMar02
7/5/2002 Sweet Nanette Saylorville Stakes PRM OBSFeb00
9/22/2002 Sweet Samantha Concord Stakes RKM OBSApr02
5/27/2002 Swept Overboard Metropolitan Handicap 1 BEL OBSFeb99
9/21/2002 Tarnished Lady Summit Stakes MED OBSFeb01
4/13/2002 Texas Glitter Yankee Affair Stakes GP OBSAug97
10/12/2002 Texas Glitter Calder Turf Sprint H. CRC OBSAug97
11/29/2002 Texas Glitter Hollywood Turf Express H. 3 HOL OBSAug97
8/16/2002 Textbook Method Yaddo Stakes SAR OBSApr00
8/25/2002 The Judge Sez Who Oklahoma Derby 3 RP OBSAug00
12/28/2002 The Judge Sez Who Fred W. Hooper Handicap 3 CRC OBSAug00
10/5/2002 Thunderello Gallant Bob Handicap PHA OBSMar01 OBSAug00
9/27/2002 Title Contender World Appeal Stakes MED OBSApr02 OBSAug01
8/17/2002 Tonyspal Craig Forward Pass Stakes AP OBSApr01
6/9/2002 Tour Of The Cat Naked Greed Stakes CRC OBSApr00
6/18/2002 Tour Of The Cat Exclusive Praline Stakes CRC OBSApr00
8/17/2002 Tour Of The Cat Groomstick Handicap CRC OBSApr00
11/16/2002 Tour Of The Cat Jack Dudley Sprint H. CRC OBSApr00
10/15/2002 Tour The Hive Mountaineer Hbpa Handicap MNR OBSApr99
4/13/2002 Tracemark California Derby GG OBSFeb01
4/21/2002 Trial Prep Ny Stallion Stakes AQU OBSApr01
7/27/2002 Trial Prep New York Derby FL OBSApr01
10/12/2002 Trust N Luck In Reality S. (F.S.S) CRC OBSMar02
12/14/2002 Trust N Luck What A Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSMar02
6/1/2002 Up Front Old Ironsides Stakes SUF OBSOct95
8/10/2002 Valid Video Sapling Stakes 3 MTH OBSOct00
10/13/2002 Vansa Ossidiana Time To Leave Stakes BM OBSMar02
4/27/2002 Vesta Smart Halo Stakes PIM OBSApr01
5/16/2002 Vesta Miss Preakness Stakes 3 PIM OBSApr01
3/23/2002 Wake At Noon Briarctic Handicap WO OBSApr99
4/7/2002 Wake At Noon Jacques Cartier Stakes WO OBSApr99
4/27/2002 Wake At Noon Vigil Handicap WO OBSApr99
9/29/2002 Wake At Noon Highlander Handicap 3 WO OBSApr99
5/18/2002 Wertz Carterista Handicap CRC OBSApr98
12/8/2002 Wertz Scannapieco Handicap CRC OBSApr98
1/12/2002 Western Pride San Fernando Br. Cup S. 2 SA OBSMar00
1/1/2002 Xtra Heat Interborough Handicap AQU OBSAug99
2/16/2002 Xtra Heat Barbara Fritchie Handicap 2 LRL OBSAug99
5/12/2002 Xtra Heat Genuine Risk Handicap Cap 2 BEL OBSAug99
6/9/2002 Xtra Heat Vagrancy Handicap 2 BEL OBSAug99
8/10/2002 Xtra Heat Straight Deal Br. Cup H. LRL OBSAug99
9/7//02 Xtra Heat Endine Stakes 3 DEL OBSAug99
10/5/2002 Xtra Heat Phoenix Br. Cup Stakes 3 KEE OBSAug99
10/5/2002 Yo Storm Cat Stakes PHA OBS Jan01
11/16/2002 Yo Pennsylvania Nursery S. PHA OBS Jan01