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OBS 2001 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
2/25/2001 Abajo Taylor's Special Handicap FG OBSApr98
11/3/2001 Al Max Diner Holly Stakes MED OBSAug00
1/13/2001 American Halo Skip Away Handicap 3 GP OBSApr98 OBSAug97
6/16/2001 American Spirit Brooks Fields Handicap CBY OBSMar98
10/12/2001 August Storm Prom Stakes MED OBSMar01
11/10/2001 August Storm Lulu's Ransom Stakes CRC OBSMar01
12/1/2001 August Storm Hollywood Wildcat Stakes CRC OBSMar01
9/2/2001 Ben Speedin Sam Mc Cracken Memorial H. RKM OBSMar99
3/25/2001 Beyond Brilliant San Pedro Stakes SA OBSApr00
4/15/2001 Beyond Brilliant Atherton Stakes BM OBSApr00
6/2/2001 Beyond Brilliant Legal Light Stakes DEL OBSApr00
12/30/2001 Blondaway Cherokee Frolic Stakes CRC OBSApr00
2/3/2001 Blue Springs Arizona Oaks TUP OBSApr00
9/1/2001 Bog Hunter Affirmed Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSAug01 OBSOct99
12/15/2001 Bog Hunter Inaugural Stakes TAM OBSAug01 OBSOct99
9/1/2001 Bold World Susan's Girl Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr01
9/22/2001 Booklet Dover Stakes DEL OBSFeb01 OBSAug00
10/13/2001 Booklet In Reality Div. (F.S.S) CRC OBSFeb01 OBSAug00
3/9/2001 Breckenrick Vulcan Stakes FG OBSAug99
3/3/2001 Burning Roma Sam F. Davis Stakes TAM OBSAug99
3/18/2001 Burning Roma Tampa Bay Derby TAM OBSAug99
5/19/2001 Burning Roma Sir Barton Stakes PIM OBSAug99
6/17/2001 Burning Roma Leonard Richards Stakes DEL OBSAug99
7/15/2001 Burning Roma Long Branch Breeders' Cup S. MTH OBSAug99
4/21/2001 Buzzing B's Helena Stakes SUF OBSAug99
2/24/2001 Cajun Season Hannah Dustin Stakes SUF OBSAug95
5/19/2001 Cajun Season Miss Indy Anna Stakes SUF OBSAug95
3/24/2001 Caller One Dubai Golden Shaheen NAD OBSMar99
5/27/2001 Caller One Los Angeles Handicap HOL OBSMar99
8/11/2001 Carey's Gold Dr. Fager Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr01
9/1/2001 Carey's Gold Affirmed Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr01
6/25/2001 Castlebrook Miss Jealski Handicap CRC OBSMar99
7/22/2001 Castlebrook Mia's Hope Handicap CRC OBSMar99
8/25/2001 Castlebrook Nancy's Glitter Stakes CRC OBSMar99
9/15/2001 Castlebrook Noble Royalty Stakes CRC OBSMar99
5/12/2001 City Zip Hirsch Jacobs Stakes PIM OBSFeb00
7/4/2000 City Zip Jersey Shore Br. Cup S. 3 MTH OBSFeb00
8/3/2001 City Zip Amsterdam Stakes 2 SAR OBSFeb00
9/3/2001 City Zip Bergen County Stakes MED OBSFeb00
2/3/2001 Cliffdiver Collegian Stakes SUF OBSApr00 OBSAug99 OBSOct98
3/24/2001 Cliffdiver Rudy Baez Stakes SUF OBSApr00 OBSAug99 OBSOct98
8/12/2001 Company Storm Delta Love Stakes CRC OBSApr00
4/13/2001 Compendium Northern Spur Stakes OP OBSFeb00
6/16/2001 Compendium Northern Dancer Handicap CD OBSFeb00
10/13/2001 Coolbythepool Shocker T. Handicap CRC OBSApr99
6/23/2001 Copelan's Number Legal Jsutice Stakes PHA OBSFeb97 OBSAug96
1/6/2001 Creativity Cincinati Trophy Stakes TP OBSFeb00 OBSAug99
5/21/2001 Dark Ending Selene Stakes 1 WO OBSMar00
7/28/2001 Dash For Daylight Don Brenhardt Stakes ELP OBSMar99
6/9/2001 Dawn Of The Condor Bensalem Stakes PHA OBSMar99
4/28/2001 Delaware Township Damatrius Stakes DEL OBSFeb00 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
9/1/2001 Delaware Township Forego Handicap 1 SAR OBSFeb00 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
10/7/2001 Delaware Township Forest Hills Handicap 2 SAR OBSFeb00 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
11/17/2001 Delaware Township Frank J. De Francis Dash 1 LRL OBSFeb00 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
2/3/2001 Disco Rico Hoover Stakes LRL OBSMar99
3/17/2001 Disco Rico Endless Surprise Stakes LRL OBSMar99
4/7/2001 Disco Rico Fire Plug Stakes LRL OBSMar99
5/19/2001 Disco Rico Maryland Breeders' Chp H. 3 PIM OBSMar99
10/27/2001 Disco Rico Lite The Fuse Stakes LRL OBSMar99
1/27/2001 Do I Ever Native Dancer Stakes LRL OBSApr97
2/18/2001 Do I Ever John B. Campbell Handicap LRL OBSApr97
8/18/2001 Do I Ever Red Dog Handicap DEL OBSApr97
3/10/2001 D'wildcat Swale Stakes GP OBSMar00
11/5/2001 El Cielo Morvich Handicap 3 SA OBSFeb96
3/3/2001 Elektraline Miss Spin Stakes LRL OBSJan97
4/21/2001 Elektraline Late Bloomer Stakes DEL OBSJan97
5/5/2001 Elektraline My Juliet Stakes PHA OBSJan97
11/18/2001 Elektraline Bessarabian Handicap 3 WO OBSJan97
12/22/2001 Elise's Notebook West Virginia Oaks CT OBSApr00
10/26/2001 Emergency Status World Appeal Stakes MED OBSJun01 OBSOct99
6/16/2001 Expected Hour Victoria Stakes WO OBSApr01
5/26/2001 Expected Program Willard L. Proctor Mem. S. HOL OBSAug00
6/17/2001 Expected Program Haggin Stakes HOL OBSAug00
10/27/2001 Feathers Ontario Fashion Handicap WO OBSMar99
5/19/2001 Fertile Nursery Stakes HOL OBSFeb01
7/29/2001 Fervent Affair George Lewis Mem. S. TDN OBSApr97
9/8/2001 Final Table Comet Stakes MED OBSFeb01
10/14/2001 First Again Polly Drummond Stakes DEL OBSApr01 OBSAug00
11/17/2001 Fonz's Hollywood Prevue Stakes 3 HOL OBSAug00 OBSOct99
6/3/2001 Forest Heir Crank It Up Stakes MTH OBSFeb00
7/22/2001 Fourth And Six Evan Shipman Handicap BEL OBSAug95
2/25/2001 Friday's A Comin' Bonnie Heath Stakes GP OBSOct98
2/3/2001 Frozen Dinner Gasparilla Stakes TAM OBSApr00
3/24/2001 Futural Tokyo City Cup Hanidcap SA OBSJan97
4/7/2001 Futural San Bernardino Handicap 2 SA OBSJan97
5/5/2001 Futural Mervyn Leroy Handicap 2 HOL OBSJan97
9/23/2001 Flying Gal Cimarron Stakes RP OBSApr01
9/28/2001 Gander Meadowlands Cup 2 MED OBSMar98
9/29/2001 Georgia's Joey Bruce G. Smith Mem. S. SUF OBSJun98
9/21/2001 Giant Gentleman Princeton Stakes MED OBSAug99
8/6/2001 Golden Returns Expedte Plus Stakes FE OBSAug97
1/5/2001 Gold For My Gal Truly Bound Handicap FG OBSJun99
6/4/2001 Gold For My Gal Hurricane Viv Handicap CRC OBSJun99
12/30/2001 Gold For My Gal Truly Bound Handicap FG OBSJun99
5/5/2001 Governor's Pride Panhandle Handicap DEL OBSMar99
5/26/2001 Governor's Pride C. Edmund O'brien Stakes PIM OBSMar99
7/4/2001 Governor's Pride Charles Town Dash H. CT OBSMar99
10/13/2001 Governor's Pride Hbpa Governor's Cup H. CT OBSMar99
11/9/2001 Governor's Pride Chief Pennekeck Stakes MED OBSMar99
6/16/2001 Grooms Derby Brighouse Belles Stakes HST OBSJan99
9/8/2001 Grooms Derby Cover Girl Stakes HST OBSJan99
9/23/2001 Grooms Derby Delta Coleet Handicap HST OBSJan99
11/17/2001 Groomstick Stock's Western Borders Handicap CRC OBSApr98
10/20/2001 Grundlefoot Kelso Stakes DEL OBSMar99
11/17/2001 Grundlefoot Hail Emperor Stakes LRL OBSMar99
12/15/2001 Grundlefoot Walter Haight Handicap LRL OBSMar99
5/26/2001 Her Halo Politely Stakes MTH OBSApr98
3/18/2001 Heritage Of Gold Oaklawn Breeders' Cup S. 3 OP OBSApr97
1/3/2001 Icanseethe Rain Spectacular Bid Stakes 3 GP OBSJun00
2/17/2001 Inside Affair Wayward Lass Stakes TAM OBSMar97
7/19/2001 Inside Affair Golden Sylvia Handicap MNR OBSMar97
9/3/2001 Inside Affair Summer Finale Handicap MNR OBSMar97
7/21/2001 Ivar's Big Peaceful John Bullit Handicap CBY OBSApr99
1/1/2001 Ivy's Jewel Toes Knows Stakes LRL OBSMar99
12/1/2001 Jeremiah Jack Sam Houston Texan Juvenile S . HOU OBSJan00
10/13/2001 J's Wild Slew Finger Lakes Juvenile S. FL OBSJan00
1/6/2001 Just Allen Count Fleet Stakes AQU OBSFeb00
9/15/2001 Karley's Harley Yaqthan Stakes KD OBSMar98
5/19/2001 Kidsarefun Nuit D'amour Handicap DEL OBSMar00 OBSOct98
12/29/2001 Kiss A Native Fred W. Hooper Handicap CRC OBSApr99
3/10/2001 Laurica One Dreamer Stakes GP OBSAug98
11/24/2001 Lead By Example Old Hickory Stakes FG OBSOct99
7/17/2001 Light Dancer Spicy Living Stakes DEL OBSAug99
7/30/2001 Light Dancer Lake George Stakes 3 SAR OBSAug99
9/29/2001 Little Lee Marfa Stakes TP OBSAug97
7/8/2001 Lunar Bounty Bashford Manor Stakes CD OBSMar01
10/20/2001 Maddy May Iroquois Handicap BEL OBSMar99
9/29/2001 Manofglory Thomas Edison Stakes MED OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
12/31/2001 Mapp Hill Sugar Bowl Stakes FG OBSFeb01 OBSAug00
9/29/2001 Maresha Manayunk Stakes PHA OBSMar01
6/2/2001 Max's Pal James B.Mosely Br. Cup H. SUF OBSMar99
6/23/2001 Max's Pal Longfellow Stakes MTH OBSMar99
8/11/2001 Meadow Gem Duchess Stakes WO OBSMar00
10/27/2001 Miners Gamble Taylor's Special Handicap AP OBSOct96
6/9/2001 Miss Jeanne Cat Time To Leave Stakes BM OBSFeb01
7/4/2001 Miss Seffens Saylorville Stakes PRM OBSApr99
8/11/2001 Miss Seffens Ellis Park Breeders' Cup H. ELP OBSApr99
10/7/2001 Miss Seffens Storm Cat Stakes KEE OBSApr99
11/10/2001 Mountain Forum Fabulous Frolic Stakes CRC OBSFeb01
11/24/2001 Mountain Rage Generous Stakes 3 HOL OBSOct99
8/18/2001 Mr. Livingston Ensign Ray Handicap CRC OBSAug98 OBSJan98
9/4/2001 Mr. Livingston Miami Mile Breeders' Cup H. CRC OBSAug98 OBSJan98
9/22/2001 Ms Brookski Brave Raj Stakes CRC OBSApr01 OBSAug00
12/8/2001 Ms Brookski Three Ring Stakes CRC OBSApr01 OBSAug00
6/23/2001 Multiplicity Office Queen Stakes CRC OBSMar00
3/10/2001 Mystics Blue Rose Wintergreen Stakes TP OBSAug98
1/27/2001 Nany's Sweep Santa Monica Handicap SA OBSFeb98
7/4/2001 Nat's Big Party Independence Br. Cup H. LAD OBSFeb96
8/11/2001 Nat's Big Party Retama Park Turf Cup H. RET OBSFeb96
8/11/2001 O'rocky Dr. Fager Div (F.S.S) CRC OBSFeb01 OBSOct99
12/8/2001 O'rocky What A Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSFeb01 OBSOct99
9/23/2001 Outofthebox Super Derby 1 LAD OBSFeb00
8/11/2001 Pharmstar Desert Vixen Div (F.S.S.) CRC OBSOct99
8/12/2001 Platel Ontario Debutante Stakes WO OBSApr01 OBSAug00
8/18/2001 Playing N Gold Ellis Park Debutante S. ELP OBSFeb01
9/22/2001 Playing N Gold Ky. Cup Juvenile Fillies S. TP OBSFeb01
1/1/2001 Proud Man Tropical Park Derby 3 CRC OBSJun00
2/19/2001 Proud Man Palm Beach Stakes 3 GP OBSJun00
3/18/2001 Proud Man Everglades Stakes 3 HIA OBSJun00
6/16/2001 Proud Man Hill Prince Stakes 3 BEL OBSJun00
7/29/2001 Pure Precision Tyro Stakes MTH OBSAug00
8/18/2001 Pure Precision Sapling Stakes 3 MTH OBSAug00
1/20/2001 Radical Riley Holy Bull Stakes 3 GP OBSOct98
3/18/2001 Rich Coins North Miami Beach Stakes HIA OBSAug99
3/18/2001 Richly Blended Gotham Stakes 3 AQU OBSFeb00 OBSAug99
5/5/2001 Richly Blended Withers Stakes 3 AQU OBSFeb00 OBSAug99
5/6/2001 Rich Peace Jasmine Stakes HIA OBSJun00 OBSApr00 OBSAug99
4/28/2001 Ringaskiddy Quicken Tree Stakes HOL OBSApr98
11/3/2001 Rochelle's Terms Turnback The Alarlm H. 3 AQU OBSApr99
6/9/2001 Rodeo Fan Wild Rose Handicap PRM OBSJun99 OBSApr99 OBSAug98
10/20/2001 Rylstone Manila Stakes AP OBSMar01
10/19/2001 Run Kush Run Skip Trial Stakes MED OBSApr00 OBSAug99
5/5/2001 Sand Ridge Prairie Express Stakes PRM OBSMar97
6/2/2001 Sand Ridge Bob Feller Stakes PRM OBSMar97
9/29/2001 San Nicolas Kingsland Stakes MED OBSFeb00
11/23/2001 San Nicolas Forty-Niner Handicap GG OBSFeb00
3/24/2001 Sea Of Green Dancing Count Stakes LRL OBSFeb00
8/4/2001 Sea Of Green Rumson Stakes MTH OBSFeb00
10/6/2001 Sea Of Green Gallant Bob Handicap PHA OBSFeb00
1/20/2001 Sea Of Tranquility Super Stakes TAM OBSApr98
6/16/2001 Sea Of Tranquility Jersey Breeders' Handicap MTH OBSApr98
7/22/2001 Sea Of Tranquility Bernie Dowd Handicap MTH OBSApr98
8/5/2001 Sea Of Tranquility Salvatopr Mile Handicap MTH OBSApr98
10/29/2001 Sea Of Tranquility Daniel's Boy Hanidcap CRC OBSApr98
7/7/2001 Shot Of Gold Minnesota Hbpa Classic H. CBY OBSJan96
6/26/2001 Silver Jet Racing Star Handicap CRC OBSApr99
2/25/2001 Silver Rail Allen E. Paulsen Stakes GP OBSMar99 OBSAug98
7/7/2001 Silver Tornado Reeve Schley Jr. Stakes 3 MTH OBSMar00
4/22/2001 Sir Brian's Sword Citation Handicap HIA OBSFeb00
2/25/2001 Skip To The Stone Baldwin Stakes SA OBSOct98
4/14/2001 Skip To The Stone Bay Shore Stakes 3 AQU OBSOct98
6/7/2001 Smok'n Frolic Fashion Stakes BEL OBSFeb01
10/28/2001 Smok'n Frolic Tempted Stakes BEL OBSFeb01
11/24/2001 Smok'n Frolic Demoiselle Stakes 2 AQU OBSFeb01
7/21/2001 Stormy Pick Dearly Precious Stakes MTH OBSAug99
9/2/2001 Stormy Pick Miss Woodford Stakes MTH OBSAug99
10/6/2001 Stormy Pick Stormy Blues Br. Cup H. PIM OBSAug99
1/6/2001 Sweet Nanette Thelma Stakes FG OBSFeb00
3/24/2001 Sweet Nanette Bourbonette Br. Cup S. TP OBSFeb00
3/4/2001 Swept Away Hurricane Bertie Stakes GP OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
6/23/2001 Swept Overboard Robert K. Kerlan Mem. H. HOL OBSFeb99
10/6/2001 Swept Overboard Ancient Title Br. Cup H. 1 SA OBSFeb99
11/23/2001 Swept Overboard Hollywood Turf Express H. 3 HOL OBSFeb99
10/19/2001 Talk's Cheap Broad Brush Stakes MED OBSApr98
8/4/2001 Tannersmyman James F. Lyttle Mem. H. SR OBSMar00
7/14/2001 Texas Glitter Calder Turf Sprint H. CRC OBSAug97
12/22/2001 The World Owes Me Snow White Stakes CT OBSAug00
5/12/2001 Touch Tone Alysheba Br. Cup Stakes LS OBSApr00 OBSOct98
7/6/2001 Touch Tone Iowa Derby PRM OBSApr00 OBSOct98
9/9/2001 Tour Of The Cat Rizzi Stakes CRC OBSApr00
11/24/2001 Tour Of The Cat The Vid Stakes CRC OBSApr00
11/3/2001 Tour The Hive Mountaineer Mile Handicap MNR OBSApr99
6/17/2001 Trooper Red Awad Stakes PIM OBSApr98
6/17/2001 Tugger Klassy Briefcase Stakes MTH OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
9/22/2001 Tugger Noble Damsel Handicap BEL OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
7/28/2001 Tv Sports Director Roman Brother Stakes CRC OBSApr00
10/6/2001 Tv Sports Director Needles Stakes CRC OBSApr00
4/13/2001 Two Item Limit Comely Stakes 2 AQU OBSMar00 OBSAug99 OBSOct98
5/18/2001 Two Item Limit Black-Eyed Susan Stakes 2 PIM OBSMar00 OBSAug99 OBSOct98
5/12/2001 Via Gras Prairie Rose Stakes PRM OBSJun99
10/6/2001 Vinemeister Storm Cat Stakes MED OBSApr01 OBSAug00
8/11/2001 Western Pride West Virginia Derby MNR OBSMar00
9/29/2001 Western Pride Ohio Derby 2 TDN OBSMar00
10/20/2001 Western Pride Calder Derby CRC OBSMar00
5/19/2001 Winnie's Pooh Bear Dee Lance Stakes HAW OBSAug99 OBSOct98
12/29/2001 Winnie's Pooh Bear Pelican Stakes TAM OBSAug99 OBSOct98
1/7/2001 Xtra Heat Ruthless Stakes AQU OBSAug99
2/17/2001 Xtra Heat Dearly Precious Stakes AQU OBSAug99
3/25/2001 Xtra Heat Cicada Stakes 3 AQU OBSAug99
4/22/2001 Xtra Heat Beaumont Handicap 2 KEE OBSAug99
6/3/2001 Xtra Heat Arctic Cloud Stakes PIM OBSAug99
7/4/2001 Xtra Heat Prioress Stakes 1 BEL OBSAug99
8/18/2001 Xtra Heat Straight Deal Br. Cup H. PIM OBSAug99
9/8/2001 Xtra Heat Endine Stakes 3 DEL OBSAug99
9/29/2001 Xtra Heat Sweet And Sassy Stakes DEL OBSAug99
6/9/2001 Zeta Mesquite Br Cup Mile S. LS OBSFeb00