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OBS 2000 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
1/15/2000 Abajo Colonel Power Handicap FG OBSApr98
3/19/2000 Abajo Pelleteri Breeders' Cup H. FG OBSApr98
12/17/2000 Abajo F.W Gaudin Memorial H. FG OBSApr98
12/30/2000 American Halo Fred W. Hooper Handicap CRC OBSApr98 OBSAug97
9/3/2000 Are You Blue Bobby Hale Stakes TIM OBSMar00
4/1/2000 Are You Up Patricia Stakes GP OBSFeb99
9/17/2000 Basic Trainee Hbpa Govbernor's Stakes CT OBSApr97
10/15/2000 Basic Trainee Killeen Stakes CT OBSApr97
9/23/2000 Beyond Brilliant Dover Stakes DEL OBSApr00
11/18/2000 Beyond Brilliant Golden Bear Stakes GG OBSApr00
1/5/2000 B L's Appeal Spectacular Bid Stakes GP OBSMar99
6/4/2000 Brassy Fred Jackie Wackie Stakes CRC OBSApr96
11/23/2000 Brassy Fred Flag Down Handicap CRC OBSApr96
2/12/2000 Broadway Show Mountain Valley Stakes OP OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
9/30/2000 Broadway Show Kingsland Stakes MED OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
3/4/2000 Buck's Boy Pan American Handicap 2 GP OBSJan94
3/12/2000 Burn Brightly Spring Fever Stakes OP OBSApr98
8/20/2000 Burning Roma Prince George Park S. LRL OBSAug99
9/17/2000 Burning Roma Futurity Stakes 1 BEL OBSAug99
8/20/2000 Cabot Cove Vivacious Handicap RD OBSApr95
9/23/2000 Cafe Dancer H.A. Hindmarsh Stakes WO OBSJan97
7/3/2000 Call Her Magic Walking In Da Sun Stakes DEL OBSApr98
3/25/2000 Caller One Hansel Stakes OP OBSMar99
4/12/2000 Caller One Lafayette Stakes 3 KEE OBSMar99
5/29/2000 Caller One Lazaro Barrera Memorial S. HOL OBSMar99
7/15/2000 Caller One Carry Back Stakes CRC OBSMar99
9/16/2000 Caller One Kentucky Cup Sprint S. 3 TP OBSMar99
9/2/2000 Captain's Secret Ptha Juvenile Stakes PHA OBSAug99
2/23/2000 Cassidy Barb's Dancer Stakes GP OBSApr97
3/18/2000 Cassidy Victoria Lass Stakes FG OBSApr97
10/20/2000 Castlebrook Seaquay Stakes CRC OBSMar99
11/29/2000 Castlebrook Sambacarioca Handicap CRC OBSMar99
7/3/2000 City Zip Tremont Stakes 3 BEL OBSFeb00
7/27/2000 City Zip Sanford Stakes 2 SAR OBSFeb00
8/16/2000 City Zip Saratoga Special 2 SAR OBSFeb00
9/2/2000 City Zip Hopeful Stakes 1 SAR OBSFeb00
1/8/2000 Country Only Count Fleet Stakes AQU OBSFeb99
2/12/2000 Country Only Whirlaway Stakes AQU OBSFeb99
11/4/2000 Cozzene'saffair Jiffy Lube Stakes HOU OBSFeb98
4/23/2000 Crown Jewel Coconut Grove Stakes GP OBSFeb99
6/5/2000 Crown Jewel Sheer Ice Stakes CRC OBSFeb99
9/22/2000 Daisy Dukes Prom Stakes MED OBSApr00
11/29/2000 Danincgonice Fiji Stakes HOL OBSApr98 OBSAug97
9/4/2000 Dark Ending Jersey Jumper Stakes MED OBSMar00
6/24/2000 Dawn Of The Condor Awad Stakes LRL OBSMar99
11/7/2000 Dawn Of The Condor Japan Racing Association H. LRL OBSMar99
1/8/2000 Defining Style Thelma Stakes FG OBSJan98
8/27/2000 Delaware Township Longfellow Stakes MTH OBSFeb00 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
10/14/2000 Delaware Township Forest Hills Handicap 2 BEL OBSFeb00 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
7/4/2000 Desktop Chrles Townn Dash Handicap CT OBSMar97
3/25/2000 Devil Time Howard B. Noonan Stakes BEU OBSMar99
4/16/2000 Dinner Pardner City Of Miami Stakes GP OBSApr99
7/23/2000 Dinner Pardner Nancy's Glitter Stakes CRC OBSApr99
6/24/2000 Disco Rico Jersey Shore Br. Cup S. 3 MTH OBSMar99
7/15/2000 Disco Rico Monpelier Stakes LRL OBSMar99
2/5/2000 Di's Time Correction Handicap AQU OBSMar97
6/11/2000 Dixie Run Nick Shuk Memorial S. DEL OBSMar99
7/9/2000 D'part Anderson Fowler Stakes MTH OBSApr99 OBSAug98
10/7/2000 Dynamite Diablo U Cna Do It Stakes CRC OBSAug98
9/10/2000 Efficient Frontier Oakley Stakes CNL OBSMar99
4/24/2000 El Cielo San Simeon Handicap 3 SA OBSFeb96
11/6/2000 El Cielo Morvich Handicap 3 SA OBSFeb96
11/24/2000 El Cielo Hollywood Turf Express H. 3 HOL OBSFeb96
12/10/2000 Elektraline Contrary Rose Stakes LRL OBSJan97
6/17/2000 El Mirasol Bet Twice Stakes MTH OBSMar97 OBSAug96 OBSJan96
8/5/2000 Energized Smoke Glacken Stakes MTH OBSJun99
6/10/2000 Fan The Flame Round Table Stakes 3 AP OBSMar99
11/19/2000 Feathers Bessarabian Handicap 3 WO OBSMar99
6/10/2000 Felite Patet Emerald Stakes PHA OBSApr96
3/11/2000 Fiesty Countess Honeybee Stakes 3 OP OBSApr99 OBSJan98
5/20/2000 Fiesty Countess Jeh Stallion Stakes LS OBSApr99 OBSJan98
6/10/2000 Fiesty Countess Mesquite Mile Br. Cup S. LS OBSApr99 OBSJan98
1/24/2000 First Shot Collegian Stakes SUF OBSAug98
4/29/2000 First Shot Rudy Baez Stakes SUF OBSAug98
8/23/2000 Flame Thrower Best Pal Stakes 3 DMR OBSApr00
9/13/2000 Flame Thrower Del Mar Futurity 2 DMR OBSApr00
10/7/2000 Flame Thrower Norfolk Stakes 2 SA OBSApr00
6/7/2000 Flashy Dr. Don Bold Ruckus Stakes WO OBSAug98 OBSJan98
6/7/2000 Flashy Dr. Don Bold Ruckus Stakes WO OBSAug98 OBSJan98
7/9/2000 Forty One Carats Primal Stakes CRC OBSAug97
10/7/2000 Forty One Carats Smile Handicap CRC OBSAug97
9/10/2000 Gadir Racing Star Stakes CRC OBSFeb99
7/23/2000 Gander Evan Shipman Handicap BEL OBSMar99
1/1/2000 Go Again Valid Interborough H. (2nd Div) AQU OBSAug96
11/11/2000 Gold Huntress Hoosier Debutante S. HOO OBSOct98
3/18/2000 Golden Mining Dade County Stakes GP OBSAug97
10/27/2000 Gold For My Gal Flying Concert Stakes CRC OBSJun99
5/28/2000 Gone Fishin Jaipur Handicap 3 BEL OBSAug97
7/15/2000 Grand Veranda Burst Of Colors Stakes CRC OBSMar99
12/26/2000 Grand Veranda Chriscinca Stakes CRC OBSMar99
5/13/2000 Grooms Derby Supernaturel Stakes HST OBSJan99
6/24/2000 Grooms Derby Emerald Downs Handicap HST OBSJan99
9/9/2000 Grooms Derby Br. Columbia Br. Cup Oaks 3 HST OBSJan99
9/4/2000 Groomstick Stock's Spend A Buck Handicap CRC OBSApr00
11/26/2000 Groomstick Stock's Reach For More Handicap CRC OBSApr00
6/18/2000 Grundlefoot Leonard Richards Stakes DEL OBSMar99
5/21/2000 Her Halo Nastique Stakes DEL OBSApr98
6/25/2000 Her Halo Obeah Stakes DEL OBSApr98
3/19/2000 Heritage Of Gold Oaklawn Breeders' Cup S. 3 OP OBSApr97
4/9/2000 Heritage Of Gold Apple Blossom Handicap 1 OP OBSApr97
5/5/2000 Heritage Of Gold Louisvill Br. Cup Handicap 2 CD OBSApr97
6/3/2000 Heritage Of Gold Fleur De Lis Handicap 3 CD OBSApr97
7/30/2000 Heritage Of Gold Go For Wand Handicap 1 SAR OBSApr97
2/19/2000 Inside Affair Wayward Lass Stakes TAM OBSMar97
8/6/2000 Ivar's Big Peaceful Restoration Stakes MTH OBSApr99
4/1/2000 Jera Pinellas Stakes TAM OBSApr99
8/19/2000 Kings Command Bet Twice Stakes AP OBSMar99
6/10/2000 Kiss A Native Victoria Park Stakes WO OBSApr99
6/25/2000 Kiss A Native Charlie Barley Handicap WO OBSApr99
9/16/2000 Kiss A Native Col. R.S. Mc Laughlin H. 3 WO OBSApr99
10/7/2000 Kiss A Native Durham Cup Handicap 3 WO OBSApr99
10/27/2000 Kiss A Native Pegasus Handicap 2 MED OBSApr99
5/27/2000 Kwik As A Wink Revidere Stakes MTH OBSMar99
8/19/2000 Lady Andromeda Everget Stakes DEL OBSFeb00 OBSAug99
10/14/2000 Lady Brook Anka Germania Handicap CRC OBSApr98 OBSOct96
7/4/2000 Lady Gin Ribbon Stakes AP OBSMar99
10/22/2000 Lady Gin Wooden Star Stakes HAW OBSMar99
12/16/2000 Laurica Frances A Genter Handicap CRC OBSAug98
10/1/2000 Le Grande Danseur Bertram F. Bongard Stakes BEL OBSMar00
10/21/2000 Le Grande Danseur Sleepy Hollow Stakes BEL OBSMar00
7/15/2000 Lifeisawhirl Rocket Man Stakes CRC OBSAug97
5/29/2000 Lightneing Ball Assault Sakes LS OBSApr98
4/8/2000 Lines Of Beauty Lady Hallie Handicap SPT OBSFeb97
3/20/2000 Lucky Livi Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSFeb99
5/18/2000 Lucky Livi Miss Preakness Stakes PIM OBSFeb99
6/3/2000 Lucky Livi Little Silver Stakes MTH OBSFeb99
1/9/2000 Mary's Silver Pen Marshua Stakes LRL OBSApr99 OBSAug98 OBSJan98
1/23/2000 Max's Pal Fred "Cappy" Capossela S. AQU OBSMar99
2/26/2000 Max's Pal Best Turn Stakes AQU OBSMar99
5/13/2000 Max's Pal Hirsch Jacobs Stakes PIM OBSMar99
6/3/2000 Max's Pal Legal Light Stakes DEL OBSMar99
7/15/2000 Max's Pal Montpelier Stakes LRL OBSMar99
9/2/2000 Max's Pal Rumson Stakes MTH OBSMar99
10/7/2000 Max's Pal Bergen County Stakes MED OBSMar99
9/23/2000 Mindight Fandango Barretts Debutante FPX OBSJan99
7/15/2000 Miners Gamble Calder Turf Sprint H. CRC OBSOct96
8/12/2000 Miners Gamble It's Ali'lknownfact H. CRC OBSOct96
11/13/2000 Miners Gamble Spirited Boy Handicap CRC OBSOct96
12/2/2000 Miners Gamble Kenny Noe Jr. Handicap CRC OBSOct96
1/30/2000 Miss Inquistive Forward Gal Stakes 3 GP OBSJan98
4/16/2000 Miss Inquistive Star Shoo Stakes WO OBSJan98
2/21/2000 Miss Seffens Martha Washington Stakes OP OBSApr99
11/26/2000 Miss Seffens Holiday Inaugural Stakes TP OBSApr99
6/3/2000 Miz United States Princess Mora Stakes CRC OBSMar99
1/16/2000 Mocha Mocha Sixty Sails Handicap FG OBSMar97
4/22/2000 Monkey Puzzle Hialeah Turf Cup Handicap 2 GP OBSMar98 OBSAug97
1/16/2000 Mountain Top Hallandale Beach Handicap 3 GP OBSApr97
12/23/2000 Mountain Top Pelican Stakes TAM OBSApr97
1/14/2000 Mr. Livingston Palm Beach Stakes GP OBSAug98 OBSJan98
10/21/2000 Mr Notebook Blazing Bart Stakes CRC OBSAug99
11/18/2000 Mr Notebook Mecke Stakes CRC OBSAug99
11/25/2000 Muchacho Fino Cisk Stakes HAW OBSMar96
10/21/2000 My Lady Avie Maid Of The Mist Stakes BEL OBSApr00
12/30/2000 Nany's Sweep Orinda Handicap GG OBSFeb98
9/3/2000 No Other Name La Senorita Stakes RET OBSApr00
9/4/2000 Noski Kenneth L. Graf Mem. H. RKM OBSAug97 OBSOct96
11/11/2000 Oro De Mexico Chief Pennekeck Stakes MED OBSApr96
5/13/2000 Overdone Alysheba Breeders Cup S. LS OBSFeb99
8/19/2000 Pepper Blues Aspirant Stakes FL OBSApr00
9/4/2000 Pepper Blues New York Breeders' Futurity FL OBSApr00
8/4/2000 Personal First Amsterdam Stakes 3 SAR OBSMar99
6/4/2000 Pete's Sake Plate Trial Stakes WO OBSMar99 OBSAug98
3/20/2000 Plenty Of Light Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSApr99
10/14/2000 Plenty Of Light Spinster Stakes 1 KEE OBSApr99
3/11/2000 Profound Secret Phoenix Gold Cup TUP OBSFeb96
10/14/2000 Profound Secret Harvest Handicap FNO OBSFeb96
12/9/2000 Radical Riley What A Pleasure Stakes 3 CRC OBSOct98
7/10/2000 Reprized Dream Highland Happening Stakes SUF OBSJan95
12/30/2000 Rich Celebration Jatski Stakes CRC OBSApr99
5/21/2000 Rich Coins Hialeah Juvenile Stakes GP OBSAug99
5/20/2000 Roza Robata Pimlico Distaff Stakes PIM OBSApr97
10/7/2000 Rumsontheriver Hawthorne Derby HAW OBSMar99
9/23/2000 Sea Of Tranquility Marfa Stakes TP OBSApr98
10/28/2000 Sea Of Tranquility Medieval Victory Stakes CRC OBSApr98
7/29/2000 Secret Lover Nandi Stakes WO OBSApr00 OBSAug99
8/30/2000 Shadow Caster Forego Handicap 2 SAR OBSMar98
7/4/2000 Sharp Appeal Americana Handciap CRC OBSFeb95
6/17/2000 Sheer Bliss Aspidistra Handicap CRC OBSMar98
8/22/2000 Sheer Bliss Little Whitey Handicap CRC OBSMar98
8/6/2000 Sheldon's Jet Lady's Secret Stakes MTH OBSOct96
8/27/2000 Sheldon's Jet Personal Ensign Stakes MTH OBSOct96
8/19/2000 Shooter Sapling Stakes 3 MTH OBSFeb00
5/28/2000 Silent Note Ohio Valley Handicap MNR OBSAug97
8/20/2000 Skipping Lass Imp Stakes TDN OBSAug97
10/12/2000 Smokin Pete Perryville Stakes KEE OBSApr99
12/24/2000 Smokin Pete Major Maoran Stakes CRC OBSApr99
3/25/2000 Snuck In Rebel Stakes 3 OP OBSFeb99
8/26/2000 Solitary Dancer Play The King S. (2nd Div) 3 WO OBSAug97
9/4/2000 Special Occasion Thomas Edison Stakes MED OBSFeb96
4/29/2000 Starship Miss Jasmine Stakes GP OBSApr99
4/22/2000 Stormin Oedy Zwaanendael Stakes DEL OBSAug98
8/12/2000 Stormy Pick Sorority Stakes 3 MTH OBSAug99
9/1/2000 Stormy Pick Spinaway Stakes 1 SAR OBSAug99
5/6/2000 Straight Man Winnercomm Handicap 2 CD OBSOct96
12/31/2000 Striking Move New Year's Eve Handicap MNR OBSApr98
8/9/2000 Successful Appeal Alfred G. Vnaderbilt H. 2 SAR OBSFeb98
1/29/2000 Summer Note Hutcheson Stakes 2 GP OBSMar99 OBSAug98
7/15/2000 Sweeping Story Ellis Park Br. Cup H. ELP OBSApr98
7/29/2000 Sweep Well Sneakbox Stakes MTH OBSApr98 OBSFeb98
8/6/2000 Sweep Well Teddy Drone Stakes MTH OBSApr98 OBSFeb98
11/26/2000 Sweet Nanette Pontalba Stakes FG OBSFeb00
1/8/2000 Swept Away Old Hat Stakes GP OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
7/15/2000 Swept Away Azalea Breeders' Cup S. 3 CRC OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
8/19/2000 Swept Away Safely Kept Stakes AP OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
10/18/2000 Swept Away Stormy Blues Br. Cup H. LRL OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
11/18/2000 Swept Away Safely Kept Stakes LRL OBSFeb99 OBSAug98
1/8/2000 Swept Overboard San Miguel Stakes 3 SA OBSFeb99
3/25/2000 Swept Overboard San Pedro Stakes SA OBSFeb99
7/22/2000 Talk's Cheap R.R.M. Carpenter Mem. S. DEL OBSApr98
10/7/2000 Texas Glitter William Livingston Stakes MED OBSAug97
10/28/2000 Texas Glitter Laurel Dash Stakes 3 LRL OBSAug97
9/2/2000 Ten Flat Silver Deputy Stakes WO OBSMar00
9/23/2000 Terko Bates Cathc The Wave Handicap GLD OBSAug95
11/4/2000 Thatsusintheolbean Walter R. Cluer Mem. H. TUP OBSAug95
5/7/2000 Three Card Willie George Royal Stakes HST OBSFeb97
3/20/2000 Tour The Hive Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSApr99
9/30/2000 Tour The Hive Needles Stakes OTC OBSApr99
10/15/2000 Trial Fighter Polly Drummond Stakes DEL OBSApr00 OBSAug99
11/5/2000 Two Item Limit Tempted Stakes 3 AQU OBSMar00 OBSAug99 OBSOct98
11/25/2000 Two Item Limit Demoiselle Stakes 2 AQU OBSMar00 OBSAug99 OBSOct98
5/6/2000 Valid Belfast Crescent Stakes LS OBSAug96
6/4/2000 Valid Leader Hoist Her Flag Stakes CBY OBSAug96
9/4/2000 Valid Leader Minneapolis Handicap CBY OBSAug96
12/23/2000 Valid Leader Kachina Handicap TUP OBSAug96
3/29/2000 Voice Of Destiny Berkeley Handicap 3 GG OBSAug97 OBSMar98
9/24/2000 Watchfull Fortune Forty Four Stakes CRC OBSMar99
3/18/2000 Well Noted Razorback Handicap OP OBSMar97
5/6/2000 Wertz Royal Palm Handicap GP OBSApr98
8/20/2000 White Beauty Estrapade Stakes AP OBSMar97
10/18/2000 White Beauty Bryan Station Stakes KEE OBSMar97
9/10/2000 Wild Heart Dancing Canadian Stakes 2 WO OBSApr98
10/29/2000 Wild Heart Dancing Athenia Handicap 3 AQU OBSApr98
12/9/2000 Wild Heart Dancing My Charmer Handicap 3 CRC OBSApr98
11/25/2000 Windsor Castle Remsen Stakes 2 AQU OBSMar00
7/16/2000 Xtra Heat Toddler Stakes LRL OBSAug99
8/13/2000 Xtra Heat Laura Gal Stakes LRL OBSAug99
8/26/2000 Xtra Heat Critical Miss Stakes PHA OBSAug99
9/16/2000 Xtra Heat Blue Hen Stakes DEL OBSAug99
10/15/2000 Xtra Heat Astarita Stakes BEL OBSAug99
12/3/2000 Xtra Heat Snow White Stakes CT OBSAug99
12/30/2000 Xtra Heat Kattegat's Pride Stakes LRL OBSAug99
4/8/2000 Yankee Victor Westchester Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar98
5/29/2000 Yankee Victor Metropolitan Handicap 1 BEL OBSMar98
6/25/2000 Yankee Victor Hanshin Handicap 3 AP OBSMar98
4/8/2000 Zuppardo Ardo Carousel Handicap OP OBSMar96